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Flowers at the beach

Some non-filming related photos


As I was looking through the pictures I have taken, I thought it would be a change to post some pictures that aren’t related to any TV Show.

The reason I was looking through all those pictures? Well, I’m going to make a top 25 list of my favourite pictures of 2012 that I have taken.

Vancouver Film Studios

Fringe: Last Day Shoot


Fringe filmed it’s last ever scenes on the morning of December 14th, having started the shoot the night before.

Anna Torv, John Noble and Joshua Jackson (as well as a few others) were on set for the historic last day.

I went by the Vancouver Film Studios during the afternoon of the 13th and saw that the crew were already busy at work setting up a set outside.

Lee Arenberg

Once Upon a Time: More pictures from the hole


On December the 10th, the cast and crew of Once Upon a Time were on private plot of land filming scenes by a hole that they had dug in the ground.

The scene involved the dwarfs, Ruby, Granny, Charming and Snow pulling someone out of the hole in the ground and I held back on posting a few of the pictures I had taken.


It’s a wrap for Fringe


The Vancouver Film Studios were the location for the filming of the last ever scenes of season five of Fringe.

Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, John Noble, Jasika Nicole and Rowan Longworth were all present at the studios. Also present were a few other people, but I’ll not reveal who they were because I don’t want to post spoilers. I can reveal that Rowan Longworth’s character (The Child Observer) is named Michael.


Once Upon a Time: Rainy Day in Steveston


Once Upon a Time were back in Steveston for the second day running today (Tuesday, December 11, 2012) and it was a pretty glum day in Storybrooke.

Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin and Lee Arenberg were on location filming scenes on Moncton Street and in the lane besides the Storybrooke Bread Store for pretty much most of the day.


Once Upon a Time get out of a hole


We’ve seen the crew make a mess of Storybrooke before, but never have we seen them dig an actual six foot deep hole for the cast to film in. But that’s what they did.

Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin, Meghan Ory, Beverley Elliott and the Dwarfs were all in Storybrooke to help a lending hand to a man in need.