Arrow: Oliver and Laurel visit [SPOILER]

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On a beautifully sunny afternoon in Vancouver, the Arrow crew setup in a local park to film some very low key, quiet scenes with Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy.

The hit CW TV Series was out on location for the first time since beginning to film the second season on July 10th.

This post does contain some SPOILER images, so if you don’t want to see them, stop reading.

It looks like the pair of them were visiting someone’s grave. Could this be them saying goodby to Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell) after he was killed at the end of season one saving the life of his ex-girlfriend, Laurel Lance from certain death.

They stated filming around 3.00pm in the afternoon and were done by 5.30pm. Katie wrapped for the day whilst Stephen headed to wardrobe for the first of his costume changes. He immediately went from one sombre moment to another. David Ramsey, Emily Bett-Rickards and him were seen driving around what was left of the Glades in his swish town car, assumedly to see the damage that Malcolm Merlyn did to the area.

Here are some pictures of Katie and Stephen together, as well as a short video where Katie plants a kiss on Stephen’s cheek.

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