Arrow: Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy

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Arrow stars Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy were at a Fire Station in Burnaby on Friday (October 26, 2012) filming scenes for the tenth episode of the CW Show.

Standing just across the street to the location, it was possible to get an extremely good view of the stars shooting a dialogue scene outside of the Fire Station by Lobley Park.

Stephen Amell & Katie Cassidy

We stood there for a while watching them film in the rain and got chatting to one of the crew. The next thing we knew, Katie Cassidy was coming towards us. A PA called us over to meet her and then we got to meet Stephen Amell too. They were both really nice people. They took the time out from filming to greet the handful of fans that were waiting in the rain.

Stephen Amell
Stephen Amell

I know we’re only on the fourth episode of the show (airing this Wednesday) but I’m already a big fan of Arrow. I think seeing a show get filmed makes me want to watch it even more.

And ladies, Stephen Amell confirmed that he will be taking his shirt off in nearly every episode of the show.

I think I managed to get some pretty good pictures of the scene being filmed and of the stars. The crew were also really friendly. That’s one thing I’ve noticed about the crews, they’re all really nice and polite people, even after being on their feet for 12 hours. Kudos to them.


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