Bates Motel visit Steveston

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Having a permanent set that is an exact copy of the Bates Motel from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho in Aldergrove, I didn’t expect to get news a couple of days ago about the cast and crew visiting the fishing town of Steveston in Richmond.
Bates Motel Sign

But that’s what happened. With my camera in hand I visited Storybrooke… I mean Steveston to see for myself. When I got there, they were just finishing setting up and I had plenty of time to have a look around. It was a bright, sunny day in Steveston, although pretty cold. Nestor Carbonell was the first to arrive on set as the Sheriff followed closely by Mike Vogel, his deputy.

Cast Chairs

Nestor, who plays Sheriff Royce Romero, was laughing and Joking with the crew whilst Mike, who plays Deputy Zach Shelby, had headphones in and was, I think, concentrating on his lines. Sadly, Freddie Highmore was nowhere to be seen. But having said that, they were filiming at two other locations in Steveston, so he could have been there.

Nestor Carbonell
Mike Vogel

For those of you that don’t know, and I have to admit I didn’t, Bates Motel is a new A&E TV Show set to air sometime in 2013.

Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s genre-defining film, “Psycho,” “Bates Motel” is a contemporary exploration of the formative years of Norman Bates’ relationship with his mother, Norma, and the world they inhabit. Viewers will have access to their dark, twisted back story and learn firsthand how Norma helped forge the most famous serial killer of them all.

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