Big Eyes: Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams arrive in Vancouver

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Two time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz and Oscar nominated actress Amy Adams flew in to Vancouver yesterday for the filming of upcoming Tim Burton movie, Big Eyes.

Written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, Big Eyes is a biographical drama focusing on the life of Walter Keane. Keane produced pictures of children with big eyes and proceeded to sell them at gas stations and hardware stores across the United States.

The movie will begin filming on July 8th in Vancouver. Tim Burton has been spotted in Vancouver for a while now scouting for locations, but seeing the stars of the movie was a real treat for me. Christoph Waltz is an amazing actor and a very genuinely nice guy. Christoph stopped for photos with a couple of fans who had travelled from Seattle to see the actor.

Amy Adams was equally friendly and relaxed as she strolled through the airport stopping to sign a few autographs for fans and playing with her daughter, Aviana whilst their car got loaded up. Lots of smiles and kisses were the order of the day for the mother and daughter.

Christoph Waltz will play the part of Walter Keane in the movie. Walter claimed to be the artist of the popular paintings, but it was his wife, Margaret Keane, played by Amy Adams, who painted the artwork in their basement. Walter would then add his signature to the paintings and sell them.

The movie has an alleged budget of $10 million. Check out my EXCLUSIVE pictures of Christoph Waltz and NON-EXCLUSIVE pictures of Amy Adams.

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  1. addy says:

    Are they still filming in Vancouver? Where and for how long? Would love it if you replied, thanks. :)

    • Vancity Filming says:

      Yes, they’re still filming here in Vancouver

      • addy says:

        Thanks for replying!!! Will you guys know for how long? I’ve heard until August 23rd, but where? I’m from Seattle and want to drive up to Vancouver to see my favorite stars (Waltz and Burton), but I need as much info as I can. Please please keep me posted! I’m so excited!!!

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