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Godzilla: Photos from Moncton Street


The filming of Godzilla took over Moncton Street yesterday in the quiet fishing village of Steveston. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Every production that comes to B.C. has to film there.

Of course I’m joking about every production having to film in Steveston, but it does seem that everything does film there.
Yesterday was no different and it was the turn of the Hollywood movie Godzilla.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Godzilla: Video of the scene from Steveston


Hollywood came to Steveston yesterday (and are there for pretty much the rest of the week) for the filming of the Godzilla reboot. It was a beautiful day in the quiet fishing village, but the place was teeming with US Army.

Of course, this was all part of the scene that they were filming. Aaron Taylor-Johnson was present in civilian clothing coming out the back of one of the troop carriers that was present there.