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Bates Motel in Steveston Yesterday


Psycho ‘prequel’ Bates Motel was in Steveston yesterday as filming continues for the followup to the successful first season.

Filming took place at two locations yesterday, the first was Britannia Shipyards. They were filming a scene with Max Thieriot (who plays Norman’s big brother Dylan) at the back of one of the heritage shipping buildings on a dock.


More Photos From Yesterday at Tomorrowland


Yesterday was certainly a busy day for the Tomorrowland crew with two locations near the Burnaby/Vancouver boundary.

There was certainly more to be seen yesterday at Kent Hangar Field – while I was there, they were filming inside futuristic looking structure surrounded by the giant blue screens.


Tomorrowland Begins Filming at Kent Hangar Field


Not long after Godzilla wrapped and moved out of Kent Hangar Field, Tomorrowland began building a huge set complete with massive wooden structures large blue screens.

Today they began filming on the smaller of the wooden structures which was surrounded by blowup blue screens.

Almost Human

Almost Human Filming at Barcelona Ultra Lounge Next Week


Almost Human will be filming inside the Barcelona Ultra Lounge on Granville Street in Vancouver on Tuesday.

The show is police action drama set 35 years in the future and is brought to you by the masterminds behind Fringe: J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman. Not unlike Fringe, Almost Human focuses on an unlikely partnership.

Steveston at Dusk

Vancity Filming on the iPad


When we rebranded the Vancity Filming (or VCF Vancouver) website, we knew that we had to make it available to people on the move too. Leaving mobile devices and tablets out of the rebrand wasn’t an option, or second thought for us.

Project Picnic is well under way and we’re nearly ready to tell you guys about the next step in the project. But for now, we want to tell you about the website on iPads. The site now fits perfectly on the iPad screen, no matter what orientation you hold it in.


We are one


Three hundred and sixty five days ago, we started this little website called Vancity Filming, not really aiming for anything more than a place to show off pictures from sets.

A few people said we shouldn’t do it and that we wouldn’t last the course, they laughed at us for only having 12 followers on Twitter at the time. It’s a good thing we didn’t listen to those people and throw in the towel.


Meeting the stars


Meeting celebrities and the stars of film and TV Shows is always a pleasure. I feel exceptionally lucky to get the opportunity to do this. It’s not something I take for granted either.

I’ve read that some people think it’s their right to meet celebrities and get their photo taken with them or possibly get an autograph, and if they don’t do as they’re told, they are unpleasant people.

Sun and sahde

Vancity Filming is expanding


Many of you who listen to our podcasts will know that we are constantly teasing you about “Project Picnic”. It is a real project we’re working on and not some made up thing.

It’s a HUGE project. Bigger than anything we’ve ever taken on before and comes in many parts. We’ve been working on a new theme for Vancity Filming for a while now, and it is finally ready to be released.


The sharing of our images


There has been quite a bit of work going on behind the scenes here at Vancity Filming Towers to find a solution that works for everyone in regards to people using our images. Over the weekend we found many sites posting our photographs without permission. I just wanted to let people know exactly what was going on.

Over the weekend we sent out some DCMA Takedown requests to various Tumblr sites who we found using our images without obtaining our permission. This all happened because of a Tumblr blog that I found who had removed my copyright notice from an image of Colin O’Donoghue that I had taken.

Vancity Filming and Technology


I’ve always liked to think that I use the best technology that I can afford to do all of the work that goes in to running this site.

The camera I use is a Nikon 5100 with a couple of lenses. An 18-55mm and a 55-200mm. The camera takes some pretty good pictures that are nice and clear, but I tend to downgrade the quality for the website because of people stealing my images and bandwidth and posting them on Tumblr and their own sites.