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Web Series: Dads


Dads, the web series has been a working project for four years. Currently, they’re trying to raise the last bit of money that they need so they can go to camera.

We were lucky enough to get to ask S. Siobhan McCarthy, co-creator with Adam O. Thomas, a few questions about the show and how she has worked on it, and even pitched it to major TV Networks.


Web Series Super Alliance launches Indiegogo campaign


For those of you who haven’t yet checked out The Super Alliance Web Series, you should definitely go ahead and do that right now. We’ll still be here waiting for you when you get back.

The Super Alliance Web Series is about John Jupiter, a young eccentric television host who abruptly discovers that he has superpowers. He is invited to join the Super Alliance.


Web Series: Fools for Hire


Fools for Hire began in the minds of Nick Harrison and Mike Cavers who over the years had endured and survived a multitude of bizarre, embarrassing and hilarious adventures doing corporate entertainment gigs.

They began filming behind-the-scenes footage before and after some of these gigs and started talking about one day turning it into something more.