Continuum: Love where the show is going

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In the VCF household, we are all fans of the Showcase TV Show Continuum. There’s no doubt in our minds that it is one of the best Sci Fi shows, actually one of the shows period, on TV right now.

For us as a family to watch and enjoy the same show is a rare thing. It’s happened with Fringe and Once Upon a Time so far. We don’t often like the same things.

Continuum came along in May of 2012 like a breath of fresh air. There wasn’t anything remotely like it on television at the time. Simon Barry, Jonathan Lloyd Walker, Pat Williams and the rest of the writing team do a superb job of creating a world which is believable both in our time and in the future.

Words on a page are exciting to read, but it also takes great skill to bring those words to life. This is where the great cast come in. Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster, Erik Knudsen, Roger Cross, Lexia Doig, Jennifer Spence, Luvia Petersen, Omari Newton, Richard Harmon, Hugh Dillon, Brian Markinson, Nicholas Lea, William B. Davis and a whole host of other actors give those words emotion and meaning.

The first season introduced us to the characters and we got to know a little about them and what they stood for, where they were from and what their goals were. This second season is giving us so much more.

When we were first introduced to Richard Harmon’s Julian Randall, he was barely on screen long enough for us to notice him, but boy how things have changed. I’d always suspected from the first moment we saw him that he would be much more than just Alec’s step-brother. We are witnessing the beginnings of Thesus.

Would Julian have gone back to the underground movement had Kiera not held a gun to his head? I don’t think he would. I think it was Kiera who pushed him in that direction. Her actions led him down that path. Now does this mean that things cannot be changed? Kiera mentioned that Thesus and the things that he had done in the future was her history, but does this history also include his origin story? We’ll have to wait and see.

Roger Cross was only in “Seconds” for a minute or so, but his appearance and performance was needed to carry the show forward. Roger has a great screen presence and I really enjoyed his interaction with Richard. It was good to see that Julian wasn’t afraid of Travis at all. And what about Omari Newton? What’s going on there? A great twist from the writers in my opinion. Is Lucas going to separate from Sonya and create yet another faction? What was up with the talking to Kagame? Is Kagame still alive and able to contact Lucas through some technology we don’t know about?

This episode left a lot of talking points and questions that need answering, but I love the direction that the show is going.

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