Cult filming at Vancouver Art Gallery

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Cult were at the Vancouver Art Gallery filming scenes of Cult.

Bear with me on this one, it’s a bit complicated. Cult is a TV show, within the TV Show Cult.
I’m slightly confused too. The show is called Cult, and there’s a show called Cult in it.

cult panorama

The show stars Matthew Davis (The Vampire Diaries, Legally Blonde, Pearl Harbor) as Jeff Sefton, a blogger and journalist and Jessica Lucas (Friends with Benefits, Melrose Place, Life as we know it) as Skye Yarrow, a Production Assistant. Skye is a PA on the TV Show Cult (The show within the show) and together they investigate disappearances that are connected with the TV Show. Jeff Sefton’s brother has also disappeared and it could be linked to the show.

Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper (Heroes, Prison Break, Carnivàle) plays Roger Reeves, the actor playing the part of Billy Grimm the cult leader.

Also filming scenes was Alona Tal (Supernatural, Cane, Veronica Mars), she plays the role of detective Kelly Collins in the fictional Cult.

Alona Tal

You still with me? It’s really confusing, right. Or is it just me?

The scenes today (October 4th, 2012) involved Billy Grimm talking in front of a crowd about a proposed youth centre whilst Kelly Collins was searching the trunk of a red car that was parked nearby. She pulls a gun from the car and hands it to another detective who bags it.

The CW show will air sometime in late 2012 and early 2013.

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    Is this show filmed entirely in Vancouver?

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