Fan Expo Vancouver: Jennifer Morrison and ships

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Jennifer Morrison had a great Q&A session to the Fan Expo on Friday, there’s no doubt about it. She was relaxed, happy and a lot of fun.

Heck, she even got asked out… “I’m single, you’re single…”

But right at the beginning of the questions, she was asked about ships. No, not the ones that sail on oceans and seas, but relationships.

She asked the audience if it was possible to sink these ships at all, jokingly of course. She understood them, but didn’t really get them. She had trust in Adam and Eddie that they knew exactly what they were doing in regards to the show and that she couldn’t possibly begin to comprehend how they intertwine all the relationships on the show and keep it flowing.

Something else I really enjoyed about the Q&A session was that the Fan Expo had provided a signer so that deaf people in the audience could also enjoy the session. Huge kudos to the organizers for that!!

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