Fan Expo Vancouver: John Barrowman

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John Barrowman is one of the most interesting personalities out there right now. He is an all-round star who takes the time to listen to his fans.

Not one to shy away from any subject, John answered a whole bunch of questions from alpacas to sexuality. At times, the entertainer stopped entertaining to answer some serious questions. He urged the LGBT community to take possession of their sexuality as their own and to take away the power from those who would think any less of them for being who they are.

John is a very proud supporter of the deaf. He loved that there was a signer there and had some fun asking them to sign fart and other choice words.


He allowed a fan to come up on stage and sign with him, recorded a wake up message for a teenage fan who wouldn’t stop crying every time she saw him, recalled anecdotes about Sarah Jane (Elizabeth Sladen) and took a selfie for a fan on their phone.

One of the best panels I have ever been to at Vancouver Fan Expo.

Let’s hope John comes back soon.

We’ve added some videos of John’s Panel from the Fan Expo to our YouTube Channel

John Barrowman – Laying down some rules

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