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Now that Fringe has finished, I think it’s safe to say that Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson didn’t really get along.

Get along might not be the best choice of words actually. They are both professional actors and were paid to do a job together. They did that job extremely well on camera.

But, the impression I got from visiting many sets of Fringe whilst they were filming here was that the chemistry they had on screen wasn’t there off screen. Not once did I see them laugh and joke with one another.

Josh does have a relaxed, more laid back attitude when he’s not on camera, but Anna is shy and quiet.

Some people say “But how do you explain the interviews, pictures and so on where the cast are together where they smile and talk and so on?”
I say the same thing, they are paid professional actors and are in the public eye. They’re not going to actually say that they don’t get along or show that they don’t.

I like both actors by the way. This is not one of those “I hate Josh / I hate Anna” posts. They both are extremely good at what they do. But I often get asked if I ever saw them interact together off camera, and I always have to say no because of what I saw.

So there you have it, those are my thoughts on the subject. What are yours?

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  1. Fatima says:

    Anna is very polite and Josh wants to be always in the spotlight, he is a prima donna

  2. Lucy says:

    Josh is always distant from the rest of the cast except john noble, he never speaks of the rest of the cast, at comic con this year, he was very distant from the rest of the cast. In the events he is never next from the rest of cast. Looks like he is really an Pre-Madonna

  3. Jessica says:

    I know that they are actors and maybe did their job very well but then I have one question, why did they always say nice things about each other? I mean they don’t have to say this. They could just say nothing about each other. I wouldn’t praise somebody I don’t like. I would say nothing about him/her or just standard things. Oh and if I had to do a professional photo shoot with somebody I don’t like I don’t have to laugh with this person between the takes, I think that’s not what they got paid for. And don’t forget about the behind the scene pictures or bloopers. What’s about that stuff? They laugh together.
    But it’s really interesting that all the people who just watched them “on set” say those things. Other people who worked with them or saw them at other places always say that they were friendly to each other no best friends but where okay. So I don’t get this whole stuff. But thx for sharing your experiences with us :)

  4. Janice says:

    I think people are making a big deal about this. They are both professionals and there are their to do their job. Just because they are playing a couple in camera doesn’t mean that they need to get along off camera. Most of us work in a professional environment? Are we all required to get along with all our co-workers or be buddy with them? no. Why should be any difference for them? The fact is that they went to work everyday for 5 years and they did their job very well. End of the story.

  5. trancefreak64 says:

    Maybe it is possible Josh Jackson’s girlfriend gets a little jealous? I don’t know but personally IMO Anna Torv is a beauty and this could be a reason.

    • sam says:

      Of course not! Why would someone as stunningly beautiful as Diane Kruger be jealous of Anna Torv? Besides, Josh is clearly in love with his girlfriend.

    • Samuel says:


      No, i don’t believe jealousy was the case. Even though i wholeheartedly agree with you that Anna Torv is a devastatingly gorgeous woman. :)

  6. Janet says:

    Why do they need to get along? They just need to work together. Does anybody get along with their co-workers? As long as they get along professionally

  7. sam says:

    From what I’ve seen Josh is very social and gets on very well with the rest of the cast and crew. He is always speaking and joking with Jasika, Lance, John, Blair and the crew between takes. It’s not his fault that Anna is more reserved. Different attitudes, different ways of interacting with people. Josh is just more outgoing and funnier. The crew members, except for that “pre madonna” guy, have said they love him to pieces. That’s not a sign of being a prima donna at all.

    So he doesn’t hide when a scene is over like Anna does. Big deal! So Josh and Anna are not the biggest friends. Who cares? There is no need to befriend everyone you work with. As long as they do their job, I don’t have anything to say about them.

    As a photographer, you have visited the set many times, at least the last season. Did you get the impression that Josh only talked with John and was too proud and high and mighty to interact with the rest? Because that’s not what you or Susan Gittins have reported in the past. In fact the opposite is true.

    Should I consider Anna Torv haughty and conceited for not condescending to interact with the cast and crew? Sorry, but no. She’s shy and not as extroverted as Josh and that can be seen in interviews too.

  8. Lizzy B. says:

    Who cares… Fringe is over. They were very professional, and that counts something. Move on.

  9. jade86 says:

    Josh a prima donna? LOL! ALL the cast (especially john, jasika, lance and blair) always said, during interviews, that Josh was always the one to talk and joke with them on and off camera! And during comic-con he always was funny with all the cast! I don’t know what to think about anna and josh, but don’t say things that don’t exist just because you hate josh or are anna’s fans.

  10. Dora says:

    It looks like Anna get along well with the entire cast Jesika, seth lance , Kirk Azevedo everyone who works with her they say good things about her, Jared Harris declared to be a fan of hers, Philip Winchester also spoke well of her in an interview, Anna seems to be a simple person, sweet and lovely

  11. Silvie says:

    I read the article and it seems pretty clear that between Josh and Anna there was only a question of character, is actually said in the article he expansive and jovial, she more shy and quiet. Therefore normal that one can not be great friends, but that they complied with each other. I do not see why some fans of Anna should speak ill of inventing Josh who makes the first woman when he is well known that he was adored by all the cast members, especially John, Michael (Cerveris), Lance, Blair (she has often said to have a soft spot for Josh) and Jasika, who despite being a great friend of Anna, so was Josh.

  12. susan collins says:

    I read a thread on imdb that said the same thing., From the post I have read it seems as if they are unconformable around each other off camera. I think there is more to it then them not getting along. No one seems to have factored in Diane. I think there is personal pressure he is trying to navigate. It seems to me when two people are uncomfortable around each other it not that they do not get along but they may be feelings neither wants to acknowledge..

  13. Laura says:

    it’s disappointing to find out that they didn’t get along off set. but i have to be honest, i didn’t feel any chemistry between them on the show, and i think this is why. you can try as hard as you want to like someone, but usually it shows that you don’t care for them. i guess that’s life tho.

  14. luis says:

    Anna confess to idolize, and that everything he does is fine by me, I have to admit that as the seasons have passed the chemistry between the two has been lost. When I really lost interest in the series, the end of the third and beginning of the fourth, a very stand Josh not save as win a girl, please more intensity, more signs of wanting to be with her. But more importantly seemed to be more star Josh and so there would be more audience, and has shown the last two caditulos where Anna has Algomas of prominence, to run the show, you just have to go back to the beginning when Anna had more prominence. Loque happens is that the two are professionals, and personality of Anna eclitsa to anyone nearby.

  15. laurissa says:

    I know they are both talented actors, but there are nuances I see Torv and Jackson put into their interactions with each other that go beyond what they have to do in order to look like their characters are in love (extra touches, smiles, kisses etc.) I don’t see that with other tv couples. I am not saying Jackson and Torv love or are in love with each other in real life, but I imagine they can’t dislike each other.

    • Jasmine says:

      I totally agree; there is no way they dislike each other. If anything as susan collins said, they are uncomfortable around each other, because there might be feelings involved. Feeling you don’t have towards your co-workers. Not to say they are in love with each other, or Josh is not in love with Diane, but it is quite possible to develop feelings towards each other after acting as a couple all this time.

  16. janna says:

    hey iam a fan of all characters bt IMO anna and josh offset might be in love and neither wants to acknowledge because josh has a galfriend and anna wouldnt want to comprise characters rarely have that chemistry like the one they had.

  17. AnimalJunkie says:

    I’ve watched them closely (behaviourally) and I completely agree. Whatever I’ve seen of them in, outside of filming, has not demonstrated any kind of interest in each other, on a social level. Even when they HAVE to refer to each other, there certainly is no love lost between them. I’m AMAZED they were able to exude such chemistry ON film, with is a testament to their abilities as actors. I also found Anna Torv’s character, in the final series, was somewhat sidelined compared to ANY of the previous series, which is a real shame, as for me, her character was an absolutely central piece to the whole story, especially HER relationship with Jackson’s character. I’m really sorry the series has ended, but I’m very happy it ended with a written storyline, rather than just leaving us hanging.

  18. jesinterrupted says:

    I think one of the following is true: A) Josh is a complete a-hole B) Anna is a raving b*!?h C) They were madly in love and Anna got a divorce to be with Josh but then he chickened out of leaving Diane and left poor Anna all alone, resulting in their awkward-ever-after relationship D) Though professionally they were extraordinarily compatible, personally, they were completely indifferent to each other but occasionally found each other mildly amusing enough to crack a smile at (completely baffling Fringe fans with their hot/cold routine) OR E) JJ and co. made them sign a legally binding contract promising to run hot and cold throughout the run of the series…you know, just to drive Fringe fans completely bonkers.

    I’m sure it’s one of those… ;)

  19. Lana Taylor says:

    Anna and Joshua did not dislike one another. When you are spending so much time onset working as closely together as they two do for so many hours a day, it’s not unusual or even weird to want a break from the other in your free time. I think these two had a good, professional relationship and at the end of the day,
    their work together, not how they got along offset, is what matters most.

  20. Tam says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Susan. I think there was a lot of chemistry between the two. You can’t fake that no matter how great an actor you are.
    The fact that they were both in relationships probably had a lot to do with them avoiding each other when not working.

  21. Sasha says:

    From what i have heard, seen and understood, Anna is a bit shy, quiet and keeps to her self on set, josh is a very laied back type, he gets along fine with John, but he and Anna doesn’t hate eachother they are simply just not each others type to hang out with, i spotted Josh and Anna at a hotel bar in San Diego under the 2012 comic-con, you do not spend time at a hotel bar with someone you hate, to say they get along might not be 100% correct to say, but they hang out sometimes and I saw them talking to each other on set, apperanlty Josh was saying something funny bc Anna was laughing, and i agree with Tam, you can’t fake that reletionship they have during interviews, no matter how great an actor/actress you are it’s simply not possible

  22. Rebecca says:

    Anna isn’t shy, I know someone that worked on set of Fringe and I got to come and visit several times during the time they filmed, Anna was the first one of the cast thet came up to me and said hi, I told her I wanted to be an actress myself so when ever I came on set she let me follow her around, watch her preformance on cam and she gave me lots of worderfull advice. Josh I only spoke to once, but he is the one of the cast that makes jokes and makes them all laugh, I have the impression that Anna & Josh aren’t really eachothers types, and that’s nothing to do with them hating each other! they don’t! I also spotted Anna and Josh at a Hotel bar in San Diego during Comic Con, now you simply don’t spend time wiht a person you hate at a hotel bar if you don’t have to, they were makeing jokes and laughing, seemed like they were haveing a great time. Anna was very focused when she was on set, she didn’t always talk alot to the other cast members, and the fact that when they had press on set she was a bit shy and quiet bc she doesn’t like it that much, she doesn’t hate Josh and Josh doesn’t hate her, they just simply ain’t each others types, like we normal people don’t always get along with ALL of our co-workers, they don’t either, we aren’t all supoose to match. They worked together for 5 years and made a wonderfull show out of it, but it was only professional.

  23. Peredephil says:

    Nice comments y’all… I enjoyed watching fringe that’s all!!!

  24. Glen Wilson says:

    I’ve just finish watching a marathon of all 5 seasons and has left with a hunger for a sixth season, I hope and pray another network will take up the franchise.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had always wondered about this topic so thank you to those of you who started it. I agree with the sexual chemistry comments…there must be something there because their on-screen moments have an added element unseen with other on-screen couples. Their relationships with other people may have made things awkward between them, who knows. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be? However, luckily, we know that in another universe somewhere (because we all know fringe is real ;)) Peter (Josh) and Olivia (Anna) are in love like we’ve all been hoping they would be in this universe. I don’t know what to do with my time now that I don’t have Fringe. It had the best character development and plot line out of any other series I have ever seen. It has been a year and I still wish I could watch it every day. And no…I’m not obsessed…what would make you think that ;)

  25. Dan says:

    I think Torv over time, outshone Jackson as a performer, and that got on his nerves, Romantically, I doubt anything ever existed since Torv is reported to be bi, or flat out gay, despite her marriage (double beards there), and Jackson is reportedly straight, (that may have caused a little discomfort as well, but in this industry, I doubt it.

  26. Maddie says:

    they actually did date and tried to keep it secret

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