Fringe at Pacific Central

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Fringe were filming indoor and outdoor scenes at Pacific Central, on Station Road in Vancouver yesterday.

Peter (Joshua Jackson), Olivia (Anna Torv), Walter (John Noble), Etta (Georgina Haig), Observers, Windmark and Loyalists were all at the location for a pretty intense day of shooting.

Pacific Central as Newark Penn Station

WARNING: Contains spoilers

Pacific Central was doubling for Newark Penn Station, an old Monorail Subway Station. The scenes we saw involved a lot of gunfire, smoke and running. At one point, Peter is running towards Etta and Olivia who are shooting at Loyalists and jumps over the hood of the Bishop’s car. All the cast were wearing gas masks, so I think this is a scene involving an “airborne toxin”. The one that hyper activates the protein that generates scar tissue. Loyalist troops and Observers were seen with sealed eyes, noses and mouths around the set, which was making it difficult for them to get around.

Observer sign
Newark Penn Station sign

All the prop signs we saw were bilingual, with English and the Observers’ futuristic language. There were checkpoints with armoured cars there too. This is by far the biggest Fringe set I have been to, but the filming isn’t over yet. Today is day 7 of 7 of filming for the crew and they’re back at Pacific Central.

The Fringe scene they were filming yesterday happens before the scene we saw being filmed on September 4th if I am correct.

There’s a mammoth gallery of pictures below, the largest we’ve posted as one set on Vancity Filming to date! Leave a comment below. We would love to hear what you think of the show, and the pictures.

Season 5 of Fringe will air on Friday, September 28th at 9 p.m. on City TV.

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  1. FYI says:

    Since people are wondering, as all the attention is on Josh Jackson as usual with all the Vancouver set photographers:

    The stunt double for Anna Torv also coordinates the stunt, and since
    Olivia was not going to be in close-up, no need for Anna to be here, and Anna was shooting another scene at around the same time.
    Other photos from passers by showed Anna Torv being on set 4-5 hours before this scene, but people judge from the pictures that are chosen.

    Josh Jackson being a silly over the top action hero, maybe he should learn how to handle the guns first.

    Next time I hope to see as many pictures of Anna Torv doing her action and shooting scenes, as she is far better at this.
    Not just me saying that, I’ve read comments of people in the field that she is the only woman on tv who knows how to handle a gun and do a good fight scene.

  2. Judith says:

    OMG I thought you had gone away, freaksome Anna stalker. I do hope her security knows you are still there. FYI—- lots of tv stars handle a gun for filming, it’s not that hard. And everyone on ‘Fringe’ works hard, they are an ensemble cast and are all super.

    This season is going to be great– heartbreaking to miss them after this. I do love ‘Bonnie and Clyde got a family’ vibe here, with Olivia and Etta driving the getaway car…. imagine what is going through Olivia’s FBI heart…… Peter was the itch she couldn’t scratch otherwise, I suppose! He’ll have no trouble re-adjusting to life on the lam, and helping his likeminded daughter scheme. Love seeing them do their own stunts, too.

    Thank you so much for these photos!

  3. @FYI says:

    I can’t believe this. Please, leave the resentment and hate against Joshua Jackson to the Anna Torv fansites, where it belongs. Some silly entitled Anna Torv fans are so peeved lately that she’s not pictured as often as, say, last year, that they can’t help but be obnoxious about it. Let the photographers take photos of what they want and let them publish, whatever they feel like publishing, okay? Others have published photos of her, as you say, go there and enjoy them! Nobody owes you anything.

    Joshua Jackson is a perfectly fine actor and his action hero scenes are always great and far from silly or over the top. Anna Torv is perfectly fine at them as well, as are the majority of female and male actors in the business. I don’t understand this need I’ve seen from her fans lately to bash other actors, in order to build up her “talents”.

    It is fine to wish for more pictures of her. I was also rather upset last year, when Josh hardly appeared on set, but nobody went out of their way to bash Anna Torv because of it.

    As for VF, I appreciate, whatever photos you choose to publish, be it Joshua Jackson, Jasika Nicole, John Noble, Anna Torv, etc. I’m enjoying the spoilers so far and it’s making the wait much easier!

    • Silvietta says:

      I perfectly agree with you. I love Anna, Joshua, John and every member of the cast. I love Fringe. And I don’t understang why some fan of one actor or one actress insulting other member of the cast of this fantastic serial tv that they said to love. For me these people don’t love Fringe.

  4. Sole says:

    “I was also rather upset last year, when Josh hardly appeared on set, but nobody went out of their way to bash Anna Torv because of it.”

    That’s totally untrue i’m afraid. I remember reading all kinds of accusations and innuendos for months. That being said, i must admit that i find the bashing of both actors disturbing and only adds negativity to this brilliant show. Let’s just all enjoy our last 13 episodes without this nonsense please.

    Thanks vancity filming for the pictures.

  5. matahari says:

    Not here to hate on anyone as I love the entire Fringe cast. Though I must admit that seeing Josh Jackson and Georgina Haig so much in these set photos for weeks now is worrying me.

    They are four episodes in and Anna Torv either seems to be missing from set or just doesn’t seem to be very involved in the scenes. I definitely do not want to see less of my favorite character in this final season. I really hope that is not the case.

    Thanks for the photos, Vancity.

    • mary says:

      Anna Torv is in almost all the scenes, you dont have to worry . However i think that because they want to do quicly all the scenes they put her stunt in many of them so she can do at the same time other shoots. It’s good to see JJ having fun on the set.Nice to see GH too. The only person im little worried about because of the limited spot pics is Jassica. Why am i the only one that thinks Astrid will die? Remember what Wyman said. THere will be a lot of deaths some of which we never could have thought possible to happen.
      THank you so much for the pics.

    • PB says:

      Now you know how those of those whose favorite character is Peter felt for the start of S4 and S3. A lot of Anna’s fans are truly annoying because they can’t see the perspective of anyone else.

      More Joshua Jackson is fine by me, VanCityFilming. I know Olivia will be back in the swing of things soon. Some viewers seem to forget that Fringe is about 3 people. Sometimes other characters get the spotlight.

      • Sam says:

        Contrary to popular belief, Olivia fans are aware that the heart and soul of the show is of course the dynamic between it’s 3 main characters. We just happen to love the LEAD the most.

        By no means do I believe any one character should hog the spotlight when we only have 13 episodes to go though. Give us an equal dose of all the things we love about our favorite show before it ends.

    • Laineybugs says:

      @mary, do you understand that josh/Peter was in less episodes than Anna torv? Do you understand that josh was gone for 4 episodes straight? You have no right to complain about the lack of “Olivia”. Anna has been in every single episode so far while josh was gone for a good 5-7 episodes. But you know, it’s ok for josh to be missing from the set because it’s all part of the “story” but the minute Anna *miss perfect/only person who matters* torv isn’t the spotlight hogger that she is,you people get mad. Get over it, the world does not revolve around Anna torv.

      • Rumizzle says:

        God, some people here need to get a life. It’s a whole cast of brilliant actors, does it really matter how often they occur? If they don’t care, why should we? Joshua Jackson once said, that he liked the free time he had in the beginning of Season 4 and I’m sure, Anna Torv doesn’t mind some time off either. It’s their job to act and shoot and who doesn’t like vacations? You people who don’t like either Anna Torv/Olivia Dunham or Joshua Jackson/Peter Bishop, why do you even watch Fringe? I don’t get those hateful comments. If you like Fringe, get over it.

  6. carl says:

    What happened to the Fringe competition that vancityfilming tweeted about?

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