Fringe: Season 6 – A Follow up

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When I wrote my original fringe: season 6? article, little did I know it was going to get as much attention as it did. I mean over 62,000 Views in 8 months is quite astounding.

The article is still active with comments being left on it on a regular basis. I think we’re up to a hundred right now, but I can’t be sure without checking. The general consensus is that people want a sixth season. Alas, I doubt it’s going to happen. Of course there is the never say never argument we could string out, but lets focus on something thats probably easier attained.

There’s no doubt that Fringe was a massively popular TV Show, even if the ratings didn’t agree with this. There was enough proof on other platforms such as Get Glue and Twitter to substantiate the argument that it was a hit show. For instance, on Get Glue Fringe was almost always at the top of the chart for top broadcast show. Whilst the weekly Twitter campaigns would almost always become trending topics. It’s a shame then that Nielsen, the ratings people have waited so long to introduce their ‘Nielsen Twitter TV Rating’ which is due to start this fall.

Fringe fans come from all walks of life and from all over the globe. It’s safe to say that the show was, and still is a global phenomenon. Fringe fans are amongst the most dedicated fans in the world. When they heard their beloved show was to be cancelled, they came out in force to petition and make their voices heard. So much so that FOX decided that a fifth season would be made so that the story of the Bishops could be concluded appropriately. Alas, it was only a 13 episode season, but boy were they enthralling episodes.

Many fans of Fringe are also fans of X-Files. The TV series that ran for 9 seasons and two movies, with a possible third in the works.

So why not a Fringe movie? Did the writers wrap everything up so well that there are no more questions to be answered, or could we possibly revisit a particular episode and see it expanded? This seems highly unlikely to me. There are options however.

The movie could be based on the time between seasons four and five. Of course there are many of you out there that know the Fringe universe far better than I do. Even though we are re-watching the whole five seasons again from the beginning, I’m sure that I’ll still miss vital plot points.

There will always be those people who say that a movie will never get made, or that no studio will want to finance such a venture. But you know what, I bet many of you didn’t think that there would be a Veronica Mars movie either. Guess what… that particular project got funded by the fans using Kickstarter. So why can’t the Fringe fans all chip in to make this a reality? It would be an awesome way for us, as fans to thank the show’s creators, crew and stars for the tremendous work they did for five years.

As always, I’m curious to know what you guys think. Hopefully we can get a good discussion going on this subject just like we did on the possibility of a sixth season.

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