Fringe: Season 6?

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FOX have decided that five seasons of Fringe is enough for them. The TV Show which premiered on the Fox Broadcasting network on September 9, 2008 will conclude on January 18, 2013, with a two-hour series finale.

Is this the end?

But is this really the end for Peter, Olivia, Walter and Astrid? We’ve seen it happen before where another network has picked up a show after it has finished. It happened with Supernatural, they began on the WB Network but are now part of the CW Network’s lineup. Futurama has a similar story with Fox, the original broadcaster cancelling the show, only for it to get revived again for Comedy Central. So why not a sixth season of the show? It is a huge hit with fans from all over the world, and I’m sure there’s still a market out there for it.


Well, it could become a reality. There have been some talks of another network picking it up. There are rumours that it all depends on whether or not the cast still want to do it, and apparently Anna Torv is all for it! I guess it depends on Joshua Jackson and John Noble. John is 64 years old now and has been having some health problems recently.

Could the show work without Peter and Walter Bishop? How would it work without them? They are Fringe division. Having said that, they have created other universes and traveled through time.

How could it work?

There could be a season focusing on the young Walter Bishop and William Bell.
Could future seasons (if they happen) be shifted to focus on Etta Bishop? She was certainly loved by the fans. Besides, there’s 20 years of story there.
They’ve created parallel universes and traveled through time, so why not? The original cast could make guest appearances.

There’s plenty of scope for the show and I would love to see this show get another 5 seasons. What do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. The fans petitioned and campaigned for this fifth season. So why not do the same thing for further seasons?

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  1. Tina says:

    I think it’s a great idea. Anna Torv as Agent Olivia Dunham is perfect! It suits her perfectly as the female lead character. She is the reason I watch Fringe (also actor John Noble).

    If John Noble and/or Josh Jackson decide not to continuing in Fringe, what about the ‘soul magnet’ transfer to another body (like Doctor Who).

    It would be great to see Etta (Georgina Haig) back, teaming with her mother Olivia in Fringe Division. That would make a dynamic duo!

    I am looking forward to that!



    • Lucia says:

      I like the way you think :D

      • amber says:

        I love love love this show! I am sooo bumbed that they don’t want to continue it I hope another network does. And I don’t think it would be the same without Peter and Walter Bishop. Walters the old senial funny guy and Peter is the more serious, determined and loving son that holds Walter together. And Olivia and her and Peters daughter and Astrid I mean come on people we NEED to find out what happens!!! :)

    • zlb says:

      I would tend to agree with your sintiments, except for the fact that in time period the Season 5 left off at, Etta was only 3 or 4 years old.

    • ATInsider says:

      Without Peter and Walter Bishop its a no show. Anyhow is FOX mad? Fringe is amazing and can go beyond Season 6 easy, at least up to Season 8 or 9. We want more please.

    • Jane says:

      Why did they cancel???? The fb page has over 3 million likes!!!! are they crazy?

      • Elaine says:

        I am coming in really late. Can’t believe we missed this show while it ran…we were on the road too much I think. This has to be one, if not the best and well played out Sci-Fi t.v shows my husband and I have ever watched. We just finished season 5 on Netflix. If anyone who has control over this is listening, please create more season’s. Your left with a perfect opportunity to take off in several different directions. Absolutely loved this show. Don’t let if drop off for good.

    • leona says:

      why not movies, big screen – every two years or so…just to take off the edge of withdrawels. even if they would only be made for tv… would works for me!

    • LJ says:

      Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Show was awesome!

    • richard jensen says:

      hey i am from denmark and there cant be one more season i can tell you how it have to go walter whave to get back to peter and his love ones so they can be a family that is how it have to end i was soo sad to see peter and walter hugging at ther last epi so com on make ther last one he cant not get a paper flower and that is it no no no

    • Awesome!!! says:

      Awesome can’t wait. But i think it would be better with peter and walter because it wouldn’t be the same with out them. It wont be as good just olivia and etta we need the male gender too.
      Hope they make another season if not i will be so sad!!!
      Thank you.

    • Scott says:

      they NEED to bring back Fringe damn it :P i just finished the last season an the ending pist me off cuz it shows peter opening the letter an then looking at the rose then it cuts off as like he rembers who sent it i hate fox for doing these things i mean why ruin something that they know they could make more money on just like another program i watched called Dexter they stoped on that to but showed him at the end as an lumber dude he sits down at his table then shows him looking into the directors camera as if there would be more seasons an also with caprica i mean FFS PPL get out of your one minded thoughts an bring back our shows :P

    • Tarun Sriram says:

      Yah, but John Noble looks and talks like his character, he is probably the main part of it after Peter Bishop. But what you say makes a lot of sense

    • Gaetan says:

      DEFINITLY, that show is a 10 season one, with all the possibilities, let’s bring back, Peter, Olivia, Walter, and Astrid…………………come on, let’s have 5 more years of pleasure ……;)

    • Maximus says:

      There must be a season 6.
      This show was TRULY FANTASTIC.
      The writing, acting, directing and special effects
      were above average to unbelievably excellent.

      This show took the best elements of Sci-Fi
      and made it a contemporary masterpiece.

      They used integrity and truth in weaving believable elements of String Theory and Unexplained phenomena.It was
      far above X-Files and just on par with Star Trek.

      This show MUST be renewed.

  2. FYI says:

    Anna Torv is the one who has always stated that 5 seasons is enough, and she has made it very clear that this short season 5 is a good way to end things.

    And it is time to move on, Anna Torv is to good to be stucked in this role.

    I am certain that Anna Torv is getting a lot of job offers for roles that have far better writing than what she gets as Olivia for the past seasons.

    BTW I am also certain that Anna Torv does not share information with papz on the set and certainly not this one.

    • amber says:

      Their’s a lot of different thing’s being said by Anna Torv (Olivia), on whither or not she wants to continue doing fringe. and FYI seriously other people obviously like the show more than you so you don’t need to be rude. If she doesn’t wanna do it then she doesn’t, I’m pretty sure this is a website for people who WANT fringe to continue if it does it does if it doesn’t it doesn’t, but I for one would like to see more of it for sure. :)

  3. cuep says:

    The answer is no. Without the Bishops, there is no Fringe. They were the reason I was drawn to this show from the beginning and the moment they are gone, it’s over. Fringe was never Olivia’s story, it was about Walter, Peter and Olivia.

    This season is their chance to end this show with dignity and if Anna Torv isn’t ready to move on, I guess it’s possible to make a show in a lesser TV network about a different universe, where an alternate Olivia is an FBI agent that investigates fringe cases. Repetitive, uninteresting, dull.

    I hope Josh Jackson and John Noble aren’t up for this. I hope they are smart enough to move on.

  4. luis says:

    From Spain we want the series to continue with any other company.
    We also want to Anna Torv as Olivia in the lead role, because without Anna Torv, Fringe is not. In Spain the series follow a large number of people online, it is not issued in any chain and channel + avierto not have many people. It is also no publicity is given to the series.
    I love Fringe. I love Anna Torv, I love Olivia

  5. Fringe Fan says:

    To “FYI” – You don’t know anything factual at all, so please stop talking like you’re Anna’s best friend. Can’t we all just enjoy the show for what it is without always having to read this fangirl nonsense? I enjoy this site because usually it avoids all of the Anna Torv vs Joshua Jackson bile out there. Sadly, it looks like it’s starting to leak in here too…

  6. Jones says:

    Fringe is not Fringe without the golden trio of Walter, Peter, and Olivia. Without any of them, things get flat. This is not just Anna Torv’s show regardless of the delusional belief of some fangirls.

    It is NOT Fringe is anyone is not present, and I will not support some Fringe knockoff.

    Wyman is moving on to a new pilot project and a planned end is in sight. Do you want good memories of this show, or to watch it milked into a former shadow of itself? I want a good story that goes out with a bang.

  7. NL says:

    No. With where they’ve gone with the storyline this season, while I hate what is happening to the characters, the writing and the acting has been upped dramatically, and I’m hopeful with where this story could be headed. I don’t want this show dragged out to the point where it loses it’s grit, marvel and heart.

    For those in Spain and elsewhere who don’t want the show to end– you can just rewatch it from the beginning, as it will be in syndication (one of the reasons Fringe got a 5th season– because they wanted a nice round number– 100 episodes– for re-airing on another network). I say end the show while it’s at its best, then just re-air it on Sci-Fi and whatever other networks around the globe.

    There’s also always that chance that we see the actors on another JJ Abrams related project (you keep seeing “Lost” folk everywhere, don’t you? Well)…

  8. Hill says:

    Both Anna Torv and John Noble have said in the past that 5 seasons are enough. Everybody is ready to move on. I am as glad as the rest of the fans and the cast to get these last 13 episodes to wrap up the story. I am going to miss them.

  9. Dblmars says:

    Dblmars says:

    I have been a fan of the show from the first episode, and as sad as I am to see the show end; there is something to be said for them leaving at the top of their game.
    Now on the other hand, the cast has been quoted as being receptive to doing movies sometime in the future. That is what I hope for, with a movie budget and everybody associated with the show rested, and ready to reprise their roles. The thing to keep mindful of is not allow to much time to pass between the final episode and the movies beginning production
    (no more than a 1 year’s time).

  10. Brad says:

    Guys any hope for a movie is completely misguided. Fringe does NOT have the ratings for a movie. As much as I love it and as much as this season has been awesome, they haven’t picked up any viewers nor will they. There is no chance for another season or a movie, as cool as it would be. Fringe is lucky to have this many seasons ratings wise it never should have made it past season 2. Fox had a soft spot for the show and it has a loyal fanbase, but it is tiny. Look at the ratings. They would lose 10s of millions on a movie. I just don’t see how you could justify making it.

  11. Brad says:

    Also the episodes without Peter were aweful. He is what makes this show not Anna. Sorry guys, no movie, no pickup. Supernatural in its 8th seasons on a small network gets better ratings than fringe did in its prime.

    • NL says:

      Agree with you on the movie probably not happening (& if they end the show the way I think they might end it, that will pretty much kill any hopes for a movie). Disagree with you about Peter being the show. Peter, Olivia & Walter are what make the show. We’ve already seen how different the show would be without Peter. I do believe the same would be said if Olivia or Walter’s characters were gone as well.

      • Teresa Richardson says:

        I tend to agree with NL. Rather then force a season 6, I vote for Mr. Abrams to get busy on another storyline for such a great cast.I really enjoyed Fringe.

  12. Me says:

    Olivia, Walter and Peter, the 3 of them make Fringe. It doesn’t need to be a p*ssing contest people. :)

  13. JT says:

    I wish people didn’t state their opinions as facts. If Josh is the reason you watch this show well good for you but that doesn’t mean it is like that for everyone else. For me John and Anna make this show not Josh. Having said that, Fringe without any one of them just wouldn’t have the same feel and that is something I don’t want to watch.

    The finale has already been written. Season 5 is the end.

  14. Jo Jo Beans says:

    I am a Fringe fan and have watched the show faithfully since the first season. As much as I love Fringe, I would have to say no. Unless all the original cast members remain a part of the show, and as long as there is still an interesting story to tell, than Fringe should continue. A new Fringe with different characters or with even ONE of the original cast missing would not be Fringe.

    Now, a Fringe spinoff might be acceptable if it were as intelligently written, directed, cast, and produced (including music) as the Fringe we now love.

  15. retired_geek says:

    There is nothing wrong with a good spinoff. My favorite actor is Anna Torv. Hope she doesn’t fall for taking a role as Dexter’s new psycho wife or something weird like that, Fringe meets Dexter. I disagree with the idea that a movie wouldn’t work. Fringe is in a super flow. Great story telling. I will definitely re-watch it several times and perhaps with a bit of Walter Bishops helper herbs.

  16. Dawidu says:

    I think it`s not a good idea, i love fringe , and i am gonna miss it , but they say that this is the end, so let`s finish this.
    Fringe tracing another storytelling without any of the cast(anna, john or josh) it`s no good for me , i think.
    They are a part of a all.
    If we didn`t had anna or john instead of josh in season four , it have been the same result.
    I would like to see them separately in new projects, also georgina haig.

  17. Jay says:

    If Fringe ends at Season 5, I will find the producers and shoot them ;D
    No I’m just kidding, but seriously, it’s one of the very few shows I bother to watch because it is simply magnificent. The concept is amazing, the characters are biblical, the acting and visual effects are extreme to the point that this show could become the next Supernatural (The other show I bother to watch ^c^;).


  18. Kevin Jon O'Connell says:

    I get where yoour coming from and if a network does pick up season 6 and they can make a compelling screenplay then that’s great but the past five seasons have been terrific, I hope that it isn’t dried up but if it is then I wouldn’t wish to see it go down hill.

    But I agree that five isn’t enough.

  19. Eliza says:

    Whether we like it or not, all good thinks come to an end…eventually. If they stop at season 5 or 9, will it matter? We will watch it for another few years and then we will be dealing with the same we want this production to be stopped now or to be continued? Well, my opinion is …why delay something inevitable?

  20. Bernardo says:

    Of course Fringe should continue. It is a worldwide watched serie and we (the fans) want more. There is plenty of story to go on!

  21. tessa says:


  22. Donne Knudsen says:

    Hubby and I love Fringe and would love to see it continued whatever station picks it up – we would watch it. However, we feel like a lot of others do that without all of the main characters, Olivia, Peter, Walter and Astrid and even Boyles, that the show wouldn’t be the same; it’s all or nothing.

    However, if the show doesn’t continue, we would watch Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble with whatever show they end up on because I’m sure we will see all of them again on some other shows.

  23. kat says:

    i got into Fringe a few weeks ago and addicted doesnt come close to how i am with this show! i demand more!!!!

  24. Erik Gray says:

    Just like alot of good shows, FOX always seems to lose the good ones. At least give us one more season to fill in the holes,like William Bell.

  25. Susan brown says:

    YES! They have to make another few seasons. I have watched fringe from the beginning and love it. The best show on tv. Walter could make special appearances as he is my fav character I just love his quirky and ecsentric behaviour lol. WE WANT MORE! From bonny Scotland.

  26. Patrica says:

    I love fringe and I want it to air for more seasons so we can see Etta grow up! It would be wrong for them to leave us wondering what happened. I have watched it since seaskn one, and have loved every mintue of it. There are very few shows that hook you from the first episode. Please Please bring fringe back! Oliva,Peter,Walter,Astrid and the rest of the crew are awsome and cativate us all!

  27. Mike says:

    Yes this should happen I love this show

  28. Luke Hickinbotam says:

    Should have an 1970’s or 1980’s spinoff like Season 2 Episode 16, but with the actor who played the young Spock out of the star trek movie and a spunky young walter doing acid and the experiments they talked about.

  29. Luis Goçalves says:

    Hi, I’m from Portugal and we all love Fringe. We hope that the tvshow will not end. Maybe for the 6th season the the story will be focus on Etta and Olivia. If Joshua Jackson will not continue on the show, the story would be like this: Etta is adult and Peter is dead. Etta wants to know more about her grandparent. Olivia will remember somehow Walter’s sacrifice and they will try to rescue him back. OR: Young Walter recieved something ( from him on the future, 2106) that pay his attention. So he thougt that thing came from somewere else. Than he built the Universe Window…….

  30. jay says:

    I would really love to see more fringe! As for walter not being able to do it, last nights final episode leaves all sorts of posibilities for the future! perhaps the entire next season could have peter seeking a way to connect with his father after walter’s sacrifice. Also, it sure did seem like the show was going to go another direction way back in season one and two, there were questions raised that have not yet been adressed.

  31. shan says:

    I hope there will be a season 6 , or at least another series with this crew , i really miss them

  32. Aveen says:

    Am from Kurdistan of Iaq I watched evey episodes of the series its like a dream coming true in every episode I watched . with all my heart I wish to see another season with all the cast and crew as before, and hope that john nobel get well too.

  33. rage says:

    i’m a big fringe fan, but 5 seasons are enough.
    img miss olivia

  34. Andie says:

    I love this show! The cast should have the opportunity to create another 5 seasons. This is a unique show that you become addicted to and feel like another member of fringe division. :)

    This cannot be the end of Olivia, Peter, Walter, Astrid, and Etta !
    It’s Fringe weirder things have happened (: you left me still wondering!

  35. noman imtiaz says:

    running a fringe show without olivia walter and peter is like running 24 without jack bauer.

  36. Samantha says:

    I agree with Jay’s comment. They should bring Fringe back. With Peter looking for a way to bring Walter back. Absolute brilliant idea. Could’nt have said it better myself. To many questions left unanswered.

  37. paff says:

    It’s over for good.

  38. Kattan says:

    It is an amazing series, I’ve watched it since season one, and I’ve loved it ever since. It has everything in it, Drama, Sci-Fi, Action, and Comedy. I hope that they’ll make at least another 5 seasons.

  39. Kaksak says:

    Too much of a good thing is bad. I think it ended well, and to pursue another series could very well change the perception people had, and will have of the series. Too many series have failed to live up to the standards of the previous series, and could not continue to captivate the audience. I think that Fringe warrants to be rememered as a great series, instead of one that started great and ended with a catastrophe.

  40. remi_tg says:

    I hope, its not gonna be next season, its good with end like this.
    I dont wanna have this memory destroyed and dont want to wait 6 mo for the next season :)

  41. noy says:

    me gustaria que esta serie continuara hay muchos fanaticos de esta.pude continuar con la secuencia de los demas personajes no necesariamente del dr bitchop.

  42. Marcin says:

    That was a great ending. I totally want to watch next season, as You sugested – about some earlier or generally other events. I think it would work without Walter, But I love Olivia and idea of cortexiphan – how many posibilities it gave! I also like VFX, it is the best made, edited and the most unique series I’ve ever seen. Also it has many unusual ideas, devices, scripts. I couldn;t imagine television without appropriate successor.

  43. Gus says:

    would love for another network to take this over and run with it there is plenty of scope for adding series after series, i do hope they keep this going it was a great show loved Olivia in it Top Bird !

  44. Chris says:

    Hi from Argentina! This show is (don’t want to say “was”) something different.. I’m watching several us tv series, like TWD, Falling skies, etc.. And none of them are up to when compared with Fringe.
    Of course I would love to see a Season 6 or some kind of Fringe continuation with some of the same cast, but I would definitely love to see a completely new series with all the cast from Fringe. Not to mention that it should go around sci-fi, allien or paranormal stuff.
    Well, I have to say that I really enjoy reading your comments and I love when the cast tweets something, like Josh usually does.
    Have a nice day!

  45. Thanos says:

    I did love every minute of it but I think it’s time to let go.
    You cannot push it further without losing aim. I agree with Kaskak who said “Too much of a good think is bad”. I would love to see something similar with such good plot and actors in the near future!
    Kudos to all who made it possible!

  46. Francesca says:

    I really would like to see the next season, it would be just great, but personally I believe that it cannot exist any Fringe season without the legendary Fringe Division composed by John Noble as Walter Bishop, Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop, Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham and Jasika Nicole as Astrid. I really love John Noble, he’s just a great actor, invaluable, without him it would not be the same show, for sure. Joshua Jackson is also a talented actor, without Peter the show would not be our loved Fringe anymore. Of course I love Anna Torv, she’s a very good actress, perfectly cut for the Olivia’s role.

  47. JOHN H says:

    I dont think it would be worth calling the show fringe if they change the cast like that it could be a spine off if any thing of the show but called something ells but no the show would not be the same if it was all different cast.

  48. Dave says:

    I absolutely love this show! But, if Walter Bishop( John Noble ) isn’t in it, then why watch it! It’s all about Walter!

    Hope he gets well, very soon!

  49. karina says:

    Absolutely Make 5 or 10 more seasons !!! the show is amazing and i for one never missed one episode! as far as the cast… well Etta was pretty good with exception of being teenager dumb too often which was irritating at times, the writers of the show could fix that though

  50. Tom keeping it Fringe in Kansas City. says:

    Cringe the end of Fringe!
    I could not believe my ears when a friend told me of the end fringe. I’ve watched every episode since the pilot.

    The Friday Night schedule means that
    I have watch the show online because
    It conflicts with work. Even with that i’ve
    Kep with the show. I think is the most original show andbest written show ever. I’d love to see the effects of Olivia’s Cortexiphan on Etta.
    We’ve seen hints in thirty year old Etta. A whole season can handirit.maybe Olivia will cross over to ask. walternet for help.John Noble could make one or two appaeraces. Let’s keep our show alive. The show actually. Bring real fringe science to mainstream by inspiring young minds.,even wthout Cortexiphan.


  51. Kim says:

    Do a spinoff with Zachary Quinto as the young William Bell :D

  52. Chris says:

    I don’t know. The storeline had pretty interesting climax’s like ( the machine creating a bridge between universe’s, The observer’s being more evolved then the world, invading.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is how can you top that.

    Also tho I am Curious to see what happen’s to walter when he travels threw the wormhole to the future with the boy.

    would he try to go back to his timeline, perhaps showing up where the walter at the reseted timeline died?

  53. Reshme says:

    Hi, I’m a huge fringe fan so I hope that fringe is continued because I would be over the moon , fringe is truely amazing its like nothing I’ve ever watched before I have no words to describe how much I love watching fringe…if the series is continued with walter bishop, peter bishop, olivia dunham,astrid,lenken lee, phillip broyals , etta as well as the ultimate universe it would be awesome because with out them fringe would not be fringe, these people fit in the scenes perfectly they make fringe what it is and it would not be the same with out them.

  54. Josefin says:

    It wont be the same without Peter, I want more seasons but with Peter and Olivia :'( I miss them and their cases

  55. Kmonnie says:

    Fringe was a great ride, I loved it. But I’m afraid that, like our favorite trio, we must be courageous and say goodbye! Their timeline had ended. Time to look for a new series :)

    Although… Maybe…. naw, just kidding it’s over




    That’s it! Astro, you’re a genius! Upon watching the last episode of the last season, one must quickly go back to the very first episode of the very first season! This will create a all-time-consuming black hole in the fabric of your life. You will never have to say goodbye to Peter, Olivia and Walter as the four of you will exist in a pocket universe inside your apartment. Until you die of starvation and only the three of them remain in your apartment. Now that you, the observer, are gone they are finally free to go wherever they want… in this timeline at least… muhahahahaha MUHAHAHAHAHAA

    well, no-one can deny Peter’s last reaction screams for more

  56. ZeusMB says:

    I just finished season 5 of Fringe and it felt rushed. I think if they created more seasons they could go back and fix a lot of time gaps. Fringe has been my all time favorit show in since the first season was aired. As a fan I support the show 100% hoping the franchise will continue. The cast was very strong and John Nobel did an amazing job as Walter Bishop.

  57. Abby2036 says:

    I felt that the fifth season was rushed. Also that I 6th season would be successful! As long as the main cast had guest appearances I would be fine with it. The show could focus on Olivia Etta and Astrid and Peter getting Walter back from the future.FRINGE is my favorite show of all time and I would be fine with whatever happpens as long as the show goes on!

  58. Bill in St. Louis says:

    I can’t get this show out of my head and miss Walter the most. The real life actors have suggested there could be a movie and we can
    hope for that. John Noble’s acting was incredibleas Walter. Its like magic knowing someone could be that brilliant to make anything happen. Science is magic! The ratings were not high for Star Trek either and look how many iterations that franchise has managed. Give us more!

  59. SrPkRED says:

    I really hope there will be a movie or another season (maybe focus on Etta and here fringe division)

    J.J. Abrams please make the right decision!

  60. Boi says:

    I love this show and I can’t get enough of the intelligence behind this and the romance between Peter and Olivia. And can’t get enough of Walter. I could watch the show for as long as there is to watch. Im sure anyone who watches it once will get drawn to it too like i did. :)

  61. Necrozombie says:

    I´m divided on another season/approach.

    It was good that they ended it with the fifth season, because it would have dragged the story too long and maybe made it worse.

    On the other hand I will say this: Give a new story/approach a damn chance! Really.
    Why do everyone EXPECT a worse fringe series? There are a lot of holes, which can be closed with a new approach. What happens, when Walter and the boy arrives in the future? I don´t think it is a stable world, because you don´t have to temper with shutting the human emotions down by some norwegian scientist.

    There are many possibilities, how to set it up. And IF, I say IF the main cast is available or in “mood” to stick to another approach, it could be very successful.

    It all depends on the backstory and I would give it a chance. Afterwards you can always say its bad. But it´s even worse to not try at least, when the story is good ;).

  62. Fringe Season 6 officialy renewed on CBS!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Monica says:

    You do know that what happened with supernatural is not the same don’t you? Fringe was cancelled… Supernatural was never cancelled.. Along with many other shows from the WB supernatural was moved to CW because WB and UPN merged and created one network so supernatural was renewed to continue on that network just like other shows like smallville and other WB shows… It could still happen because it has happened with other shows like The Game for example but spn is not at all an example of this..

  64. André says:

    Perhaps, by changing the timeline the plan no longer exists because it was made because of the observers! So the Bishops might live and they can make a season 6!!!

  65. Christian says:

    I´m live in austria and i´m also a big fan of fringe. I hope that an other channel or fox make one or many next seasons of fringe. I think all actors of fringe should play in the next seasons. Because they all made was “Fringe” are

  66. Twila Jessop says:

    The only limit for more seasons would be lack of imagination. This show could go on forever with the right writers and strong minds! Come on people, open your creative channels. The idea of guest appearances is excellent!

  67. erica says:

    open your mind to the impossible… Walter Bishop

  68. stefan says:

    Fringe must go on. In my books it is the best series on tv.

  69. Lesley Cantello says:

    I absolutely love the fringe series here in wales United Kingdom and would love to see another series aired on sky one gutted it ended :( :(

  70. Morgan says:

    Just do it, we need more Fringe. plssss

  71. Ilham kavrak says:

    This is one of the greatest shows i have ever seen so i vouch for it to continue however the follow up story will be

  72. Carl Golden says:

    Please bring upper Fringe. The characters were great

  73. jay says:


  74. msa says:

    Good idea(Peter trying to reconnect with Walter). I did not get that ‘all things coming to an end feel’ in season 5. Yes, I was sad and all but it did not have the climax it should have had for a classic tv series like Fringe. If they decide to continue, I hope all the actors, producers, writters,etc are all in! From South Africa

  75. Cathie says:

    I love fringe. I am now hooked and can’t wait to watch the 5th series but I’m also crying my wee eyes out ‘cos that’s the end x meh x

  76. Anclarke says:

    Please please keep it going….we need to know more!

  77. Debbie Cartmell says:

    Please, please, please – I love Fringe and there are still so much not explained – please, please fill in the gaps that are left!

  78. Guru says:

    Why is everyone saying it would have to be the TRIO of Walter, Peter, and Olivia?! What about ATRID!! I LOVED Astrid on the show, especially when she played the other version of herself in the alternate universe. The girls got talent! Not to mention she is beautiful, charming, and definitely entertaining all around. I say the whole cast or no cast!

  79. Mavis Blackburn says:

    Yes please fringe 5 more seasons I would like to see Etta as a baby and growing up and Peter Olivia astrid and Walter I love this show why is it every time I start a show the tv stations cancel them mabe we should stop tv all together and stick with netflix and Hulu

  80. Billy says:

    I am disappointed to learn that Fringe is ending. I really hope that another network will pick up the show. I dont think it would work without the whole original cast staying on.

  81. abhishek says:

    its really disappointing to hear that there will b no season 6 for fringe……..!!!its has become a craze around d globe… feels as if d three are always with us…..such was their impact…..hats off to peter,olivia & walter not forgetting astrid…..the show is gr8…why the hell is any network not picking this show?????

  82. All mackson says:

    This is the best tv show I have ever watch. It’s always somthing new in every episode and hits spot everytime. It make me eager to watch another episode please have another season you will make my season.

  83. Juris says:

    Hello, I’m one of the avid fans of Fringe casts from the Philippines. I really do hope there will be another season for Fringe. Same main casts, Anna Torv, John Noble and my crush Joshua Jackson. They are all incredible. If not, then a movie would also do. :)

    • Vikings says:

      Hi there! Am from the Philippines, too. I would love to see a Fringe S06 as well but with more Lincoln Lee, pleassseeeee. He’s absolutely adorkable!!

  84. Lovlesh Kishun says:

    Another idea would be Walter in the future with Michael and his great great grand children’s

  85. Buzib says:

    It would be great if they had more season but must be witht he full Fringe team

  86. faye says:

    I have only recently started watching but already I’m addicted. Five season is just not enough. With so many possibilities, the show must go on!

  87. Medea says:

    I have been a constant viewer and devoted fan of Fringe since Year One as well and loved watching the weekly investigations of the weird and unexplainable. I am not giving up on the hopes of a Fringe movie (although it still crushes me when I realize the series won’t continue). However, I do hope the movie could follow the same writing plan as the series presented in the first 3 seasons: the inexplicable explored..and no Etta!

  88. Elion Book says:

    I would love to have the chance to watch further seasons of FRINGE. This is my favorite show. I will literally pay $50 just to watch one single episode. I recently mailed a letter to AMC, but I do not think they would listen to my suggestions. If anybody have a good idea, please do something about it.

  89. Joe says:

    Love this show discovered it on net flix its the only thing i watch on tv now

  90. Nathan says:

    Yes absolutely they could make a spin off. There are several story lines they can go off. One would involve Etta in a finge agencey 20 years from 2015. Another could be about Walter with the young observer in the future. There are endless possibilities, and to me its tv tradgedy to lose such chemistry with a cast

  91. June says:

    There are still many possibilities:
    The alternate universe, other universes, secrects of bell, begining of the observers, alternate observers, peter and the machine, etta, broyles and his first team, robert bishop(walters father) alternate bell, future fringe team – Etta, Ella(olivias niece), Michael(observer son), next fringe with sam wise…….

  92. Jessica says:

    Yes please! Someone pick this show up!! :)

  93. Lovey says:

    That is a great idea to continue the story with Etta Bishop and have the original cast appear as guests once in a while….. please someone pick up this show and make Fox regret their decision.

  94. Tanya says:

    I need more. More story more Fringe! What happened in those years of Etta growing up and searching for her lost Fringe team family?? I am hooked on this show I can hold hope that not ably another network will pickup the show but our beloved characters will return. Please give us more We love all of you.

  95. Simon says:

    I love these episodes, I guess it could contineu for another 5 new sesons. Walter may come back from the future and all starts up again, with parall univers and time shift…
    Great immagination and story. Thank you :o)

  96. Tamra bowman says:

    I just started the show on Netflix and I’m hooked. Let me know if there’s a petition for another network to pick it up. There was very little time travel and so many universes still to be explored. I too beg for a network to pick it up. It’s too good to end

  97. Алекс says:

    So, you do not want to have to carry a Fringe show?
    But why not?
    I think this is one of the world’s best, most organized, rich stories series …
    But when you finish, then a lot of fans will not be happy with this enthusiastic, I know you are tired Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Nobles as well, but it’s sixth season to do it because believe it or not it is going audience.
    I think all the fans would love him to be an actual end of the series, happily peacefully, not like the last part of the fifth season, when Peter opened the letter, which his father had sent him (which was a tulip), and began to look so strange … etc. ..
    So, you know?
    I say to the sixth season of the series Fringe.
    Таким образом, вы не хотите, чтобы нести Fringe шоу?
    Но почему бы и нет?
    Я думаю, что это является одним из лучших в мире, наиболее организованная, богатая серия историй …
    Но, когда вы закончите, то много поклонников не будет счастлива с этим энтузиазмом, я знаю, вы устали Анна Торв, Джошуа Джексон и Джон знати, а также, но это шестой сезон, чтобы сделать это, потому что считаем это или нет он собирается аудитории.
    Я думаю, что все болельщики будут любить его, быть фактическим конце серии, к счастью, мирно, а не как последняя часть пятого сезона, когда Петр открыл письмо, в котором его отец послал его (который был тюльпан), и начал искать такой странный … и т.д. ..
    Итак, вы знаете?
    Я говорю на шестой сезон сериала Fringe.

    • LPG says:

      I think the general problem lies in American conservative public not willing to accept two universes existing at the same time and space. I must say though that I’m impressed with the producers and writers that they let other universe coexist at least for some time in season 4. Usual and brutal trend in American filmography was up to this time to kill doubles living in one universe.

  98. carlos says:

    If you love fringe sign this petition PLEASE

  99. Krystina says:

    I absolutely loved fringe!! Im a little bit late into watching it. I watched it all on Netflix and went out and bought the 5th season. I watched them all in a month in a half. Probably would have been faster if I didn’t have to wait for the 5th season to come out. I balled through the last episode. My heart is broken that its over! I truly wish they will a lot more seasons! I love it!

  100. Jessica Todd says:

    I love Fringe best show I have ever seem in my life. Feel apart of each episode and never get sick of it. Love the actors brilliant. I came across Fringe in 2012 and have watch all seasons. Fringe cant be over there’s just so much left to tell. How Peter and Olivia live out their lives, we have seen all there troubles to get to where they are, now its time to see everything be as it was intended to happen. LOVE FRINGE

  101. david f says:

    Hell yeah……

  102. Andreas Sick says:

    When I heard of the coming end I could not believe it. Hopefully the producers will see that a sixth season will make sence.

  103. Luís M says:

    Por mim Fringe pode continuar. É a melhor série que já houve é espetacular. Sinto um vazio por ela ter acabado. Gostaria muito que continuasse por favor!!!

  104. Jane says:

    They should make a 6th season! Deserves a 6th season! Has a huge fan base. The fb page has millions of likes!

  105. Marina says:

    Well it would be awesome and god knows how much I wanted at least 2 more seasons but with the ending last february it could be quite difficult to start again… It has to be very wow and very fringe if they come back… I’d like a 6th season :D

  106. ghlandjadna says:


  107. William says:

    I’m late to the game also, never watched on tv, discovered it on Netflix. I can’t get enough. Walter is my favorite, to me he makes the show. The writing is brilent. Haven’t seen season 5 yet, looking forward to it. Would love a movie, then call it quits.

  108. waqas says:

    Definitely go for show ever.

  109. sonia says:

    Plz plz let there b season 6 and many more. It was among the smartest shows and I hated to c it come to an end. I hope all the old cast joins up to give the fans some more mind blowing aeasons

  110. Mary says:

    This show is addictive – I watched the whole serie in just a month when i was introduced to it this year. Please let it be a 6th season!!

  111. Tamera says:

    I’d love to see Fringe continue. I enjoy tacking my brain as we jump through the universes! There is still story to tell. I hope another network pics it up.

  112. Wackenhoot says:

    It could pick up with their daughter Etta being a Fringe agent and working with their parents.

  113. allison says:

    I feel the same why not a season6 and many after.fringe is one of the best series.

  114. KMP says:

    I just found out about the show at Season 5 and can’t believe someone wouldn’t pick it up. I’m so disappointed I didn’t watch it now I’ve been watching all of the episodes on Netflix. I would love to see the show continue. It was just really starting to evolve!

  115. wayne lundall says:

    Please ppl great show please ppl make a season 6 7 8 9 10

    Lots could be done


  116. Murle says:

    Absolutely make more Fringe. The observers learned time travel, so, when Walter went to the future with the child, It could be that they learned time travel a different way. Then Walter could come back. At that point, look more into Bells research and take off again. Anything is possible.

  117. Lyenna says:

    It was the most pleasant time watching fringe after a long day.
    I am obsessed with the show,iIncluding every character inside.
    I just finished the show a moment ago. it has a good ending.
    I miss the olive, Peter, and Walter already, so
    I am picking up from the first season and watch it again.
    I really wish that fringe could keep going.
    No matter the popularity of show is good or not,
    I believe that there are people like me touched by the show and expecting the next season.
    Thanks to fringe.
    I learnt a lot from it.

  118. Amyr says:

    it will be great if there will be more coming seasons for Fringe..!!

  119. shortymeth says:

    well, I loved the show but to come up with an angle is easy but will they be able to maintain it?

    I remember that peter is from another time line, stll confuse to this day, can they confuse me again?

    on 6, lets see how Bell and Walter grew up, the fire, all that, the wife, crossing and more. but I,d love the return, for real

    with love from SWAZILAND

  120. Elle says:

    I really hope they do season six I’m having fringe withdrawals and to be honest if xfiles could pull off 9 seasons why couldn’t they !

  121. Moving pictures fanatic says:

    Stop with these fucking spinoffs. Fringe had a good ending cant we just leve it alone. Ps september 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Liz says:

    I so want to see a season 6!!!! Watched every season and I am ready for another. I hope the rumors are true that there will be a 6th season. Hope I am not getting my hopes up for nothing.

  123. Lou says:

    would love to see the series continue

  124. Desiree Cortese says:

    Love the series!!!!!!!
    My favorite series of all time..
    Would love to see a season6

  125. PAM says:

    I would love to see a season 6 of Fringe return. I loved every minute of the show . From the above comments, it certainly sounds like it could continue to goo in many different directions. I’d love to see it happen if any of the original characters could come back. Awesome! I hope it can happen.

  126. Ryan Livesay says:

    I have been catching up on the show on Netflix and I think that they should do more seasons. I love the show and would love to see more of it come out . I don’t care what it is about that is my time passes.

  127. Bernabe Lorenzo says:

    I wish there was another 5 or 6 seasons, K can’t describe the way I feel about this show I just hope they make more … O n Olivia Dunham is do freaking beautiful…

  128. sean says:

    I deff think they should continue on with the show it be nice to see them carry the story with etta running with peter and olivia and walter if at all possible

  129. Todd says:

    Id love to see any of those ideas.. what I dont get is things like buffy or glee go as long as they did, but things like angel and fringe only get 5 seasons?, it just doesnt make sense, but then fox has a long history of cancelling or ending their best shows, then doing nothing or next to nothing when the fans complain, look at arrested development, one of the most acclaimed shows of all time and fox xouldnt keep it going past 3 seasons(I figure 2.5 if you count season 3 being like 12 eps long) now its back on netflix and just as strong if not stronger then before, also firefly…one season.. and now castle is way past 5 seasons, when all it is is nathon fillion playing the same character type he always does, just in a different show

  130. Karen says:

    I surely hope they do pick this show up for more seasons. We are hooked on this show. Please give us more.

  131. carlos garcia lopez says:

    please bring it back best show ever

  132. vdskjbdsv says:

    I agree it would be very nice to have a 6th season, cause its a great show, but only if it didnt afect the quality, it would be really bad to have Fringe ruined.

  133. Matthew says:

    We concur with your statement and there should be more seasons of fringe!! We are avid fans of the series and would truly value more of this awesome show. Come on Networks please give it a shot :)

  134. s3ppal says:

    semper fidelis – fringe

  135. Robert goodson says:


  136. Delisha says:

    OMG! No Fringe season 6?! I have so spent all year waiting on it and have crashed all 5 prior seasons until I can nearly recite them just to prepare for the new season. What do I do now? *saddened

  137. Katie says:

    Just started watching on Netflix . I would like to see it resurface on another network!

  138. won’t be the same with out them but with 2days technology, they can still have john noble as walter bishop and he can get hold of Peter and help him to get back from the future 2167 by opening a door way again. And continue his study and inventions at train and teach Peter Bishop everything he knows and take over from walter Bishop. I have a good Idea and surely they will make money of the next 7 seasons cause I surely can do it. By me being so involved with Fringe I have all ready. Wish there was a way to get my ideas to them. But I live in south africa. They have erased time yes but there could also be a come back from the observers where the now know were the other universe is and maybe they can try and over take them and that’s where the Fringe Division helps there friends in the other universe to fight against the observers by using a Tech that Peter and Walter Bishop has invented te beat them with out erasing time. I am Phillip Kirton and I have awesome ideas Sent from my BlackBerry®

  139. LPG says:

    I think the idea of coexistence of two universes linked by a warmhole bonded together, sharing same problems and thus cooperating is worth further exploration as it was sketched in season 4. I found it very encouraging and optimistic. I dont know though why there have to die at least one of the doubles. I understand that scenes involving the same actor playing two characters at the same time are technically problematic and challenging but it has become a standard procedure! It could be avoided by the introduction of twin sibling actors :) I think introduction of color association with the particular universe ,especially with the names of places, makes it less confusing. Moreover, I’ve seen doubles fighting with one another, doubles accepting coexistence but I haven’t seen doubles sharing live i.e. some doubles have “evil twins”, some good. I would love to see for example two doubles decided to live in one flat. I missed also general need to communicate two doubles through sending letters, calling etc. That wouldn’d be hard to place a phone operator in the warmhole or lie an optic cable through it.

  140. Char says:

    The can’t end it now it leaves to much up in the air. I am hoping it will be back another season. I Love that show. FRINGE is the best.

  141. Caitlin says:

    Yes I agree bring it back I cried the last episode I can’t come to terms with the ending I need closure !!! Please bring it back!!!

  142. bailey says:

    Bla bla bla yo all the way from south africa bra geez the most best. Season of all time and fox dose not want to launch a season 6they just made a big mistake nuf said stupid people

  143. Anna says:

    Very disappointed that there are only 5 seasons. It’s my favorite show.

  144. Tracey says:

    There is definately scope for more series. This show could go in many directions. Was absolutely awsome!! Lots more to tell and explore. All the characters were fantastic.

  145. jean philippe bonhommme says:

    fringe is a best serie for this moment and i want a season 6. because the season 5 is soo few. plz fox give all the fans of the fringe mania a season 6 plz plz plz.
    thank you

  146. Derek says:

    Yes bring it back i just finished 10 minutes ago and i want more!!!

  147. santos says:

    I wish for 6 seasons plese

  148. Roose says:

    Brown Betttyyyy!!!!!!!!lol best opener!

  149. Den says:

    The first 5 series have been so great and the actors are soooooo good it would be a pity not to carry on with the show. Fringe. apart from the SCi-FIi aspect (which I do not usually enjoy, but Fringe is different ) there is also a lovely human aspect which is most heart warming. Fringe is such a well-rounded show. Another 5 or more series would be great!

  150. zoe pierce says:

    Please bring it back someone,it is one of the best series ever. I love Walter but feel like i loved all of them. Please please please bring them back!!!!

  151. r.a.w. says:

    I thought the 5th season was disappointing, something about it was lacking- the tone completely changed. Still, I would LOVE to see a season 6, and would watch it regardless of season 5. I’m so curious to see what would happen in this new time-line, sans observers-with Bell the way he is in the alternate timeline; It’s always been a strong suit of Fringe to reset the pieces and develop a whole new extension of the mythology. (First it was parallel universe, then alternate timeline) with a new title sequence. ALTHOUGH there was an illogical conclusion- without the observers, Peter should have stayed in his original universe.

  152. Rafael P.C. says:

    It will be perfect if we could enjoy another seasons. It will work as well as the first five seasons. Please do it again

  153. christina says:

    Yes there should be another season the way it ended was not right please lets make this happen this is an awsome show amd would love for there to be more season atleast one more season and make it end right cause peter opened the letter from walter than looked up what a way to end

  154. Colin says:

    Just watched the end of season 5 on Netflicks – excellent. Lots of loops and opportunity to hang another season or spin-off there.

  155. Andrew ITA says:

    It’s clear that if they continue the show they will get millions of funs and whatchers… I think “Olivia” got many others offers, and “Walter” don’t have a good healt/memory because of his age.. So that’s why they stopped it.
    But we should send some mails to fox asking for a new season.. It must goes on.. It’s a success and we all know that.
    What you guys think about the e-mails?

  156. Wyatt says:

    I think how fringe ended was sad because when Walter went to the fucher to bring the obsurver kid he never get to live his life till the end.he doesn’t know what the world would be like without obsurvers…soo sad

  157. ruth meinking says:

    I just finished Fringe on netflicks and truly can say it was my favorite show and would LOVE to see more. Absolutely amazing, talented, professional, engaging, surprising, touching, satisfying:)

  158. P. h. says:

    They always take the best, most innovative shows off of t.v. Most people lack imagination and good taste. Fringe will always be remembered and future generations will wonder why it was removed so early. I have all 5 seasons and watch them often. Kudos to the entire cast for a magnificent job well done. Nothing will ever top this show. The set the bar on sci-fi way high. Good luck to all!!!

  159. Ro says:

    I would be the happiest girl in the whole wide world if fringe came back. Peter and Walter have to come back!

  160. josh dupuis says:

    By far my favourite TV show. But wouldn’t be much of a TV show without peter and Walter bishop they are 2 of the main characters and I couldn’t see myself watching future seasons without them in it .

  161. Ana_Ely says:

    A fost cel mai bun serial pe care l-am vazut ! As dorii inca 10 sezoane la acest film ! Olivia, Peter si Walter sunt personajele mele preferate.. De ce nu ar putea continua in alte actiuni in universuri paralele ?Eta, iar e simpatica si isteta…

  162. jagger says:

    I am all for it a very good show

  163. Benitez says:

    I absolutely live for this show!! Please give more seasons…I am not ready to say good bye to my fringe family!!! Love it!!!

  164. Andy says:

    This show is Fantastic, the Casting director deserves a medal the cast is Great Clicks so well i’m addicted cant get enough “Love the Show” Nice to see Ausies starring also please give us more!!!!!

  165. Greg b. says:

    It’s a great idea. I never liked a show more. But it was hard to start watching again from where I left off, because I stopped watching when my girlfriend & I split. It was our show. So a week ago I got to watching, & loved it. But I want more. They all act so well with each other, & I think when playing their opposites from the other universe, they each showed that they are very good actors. Astrid stole the show in my opinion, ( & my heart ) regarding the 2 farnswerths’. If they are willing to make more fringe,I would love to watch as many as t hey make ! It was like a wonderful spawn of x- files( which I don’t like ) meets 1984. I hope my ex Josephine watches & sees what true love portrayed, encourages people to do, for the moment. For each other. For love. Fringe reminds me of what is truest important in life. I miss watching with her.

  166. Sathish says:

    Another 5 season series of fringe would be a very good Idea. Loved the series. In fact I started watching it from Season 3 , went back and watched the whole series with season 5-last episode today.

  167. Matthew says:

    I have watched fringe a few times on Netflix now and i think they ended the season horribly, they need to continue, having Peter go back to his timeline and then him and Olivia can live on kicking the butts of weird people with too much time on their hand and also have their daughter introduced and watch as she grows up and becomes a fringe agent

  168. Nick3499 says:

    I see the Walter Bishop character as the ‘glue’ that holds each episode together, and the ‘grand central station’ as far as direction goes, as well as a main ‘fulcrum’, as far as tempo goes. but he is an insider, just a lab dweller. he seems out of place when he is out and about, and a bit unstable.

    so, another charcter needs to be the focal protagonist outside, and a stable balancing character that does not do LSD. that is why, just as important, is the Olivia Dunham character, with whom so much emotion has been attached all along—she also provides the screenplay with sweetness.

    Walter and Olivia go together like mixed nuts and honey. conclusively, it would seem that without those two characters the series goes bust.

    on the same note, Warner/Bad Robot may not want to drag the series to a gradual death, or make it a worn out statement. Productions/TV could probably get a couple of hundred episodes out of it, like Ten Thirteen/Fox did with ‘X-files’. but why not just leave it at 5 seasons, and sort of retire as a champ. less lampoons is a sign of more respect.

  169. Joey D says:

    5 MORE! 5 MORE! 5 MORE! I agree the show can and should continue!

  170. nima says:

    the reasons were n’t acceptable….you must do it.

  171. Fuzzy Logic says:

    I watched fringe from season one to season five and loved every minute and I am hoping for a season six and like Walter Bishop said When you open your mind to the impossible,
    sometimes you find the truth

  172. Alan Xuereb says:

    Please …. we need season 6!!!

  173. Kirsty says:

    As one of the best shows EVER, Fringe should not be cut after 5 seasons. It has been left open for further seasons, there are many, many story-lines that could (and should!) be picked up and oh so many possibilities! The core cast would have to remain, it would not be the same without Peter and Walter. BRING BACK FRINGE!

  174. Dan says:

    Please bring it back. Fringe needs at least two more seasons.

  175. Minerva says:

    Minerva :from Puerto Rico
    I have only recently started watching but already I’m addicted. Five season is just not enough. With so many possibilities, the show must go on!

    won’t be the same with out them but with 2days technology, they can still have Jj Adam I know he can come up with more thoughts as walter bishop and he can get hold of Peter and help him to get back from the future 2167 by opening a door way again. And continue his study and inventions at teach Peter Bishop everything he knows and take over from walter Bishop. surely they will make involved with Fringe I have all ready. Wish there was a way to get my ideas to them. But I live in south africa. They have erased time yes but there could also be a come back from the observers where the now know were the other universe is and maybe they can try .please!

  176. vj says:

    i nee dfringe seson 6 to come .it was an awesome series and i just want it back…

  177. BeBe says:

    I never got to watch this program when it aired. However, after watching the five seasons on Netflix, I was addicted. I never wanted it to end at all, but they did end it well, and enigmatic. The way in which Peter looked upon seeing the tulip, at least I think it was a tulip, at the end of the series, made me wonder if there might be another episode on the horizon. So far, I’ve found none. What has happened to all those actors who did their jobs so well, it made one believe it could be real.

  178. Gabriel says:

    More Frige ! Next 6 seson ! BRING BACK FRINGE !!!
    The movie is the best and i com back FRINGE ! We need seson 6 because im like Walter Bishop .

  179. paul says:

    when will we see new series I got in to this on Netflix a month ago and have watched all of the in a few weeks hope to see more soon

  180. squeaky says:

    just starting watching Fringe for the fifth time. It is without doubt THE best series ever to appear on tv. I have tried other JJ Abrams series but they pale into existence in comparison.

    A sixth series could show Walter and the young Michael in the future and time travel back to the present. If the cast does’nt want to do it, they should be made to do it at gun-point.

    In the UK, Fringe is hardly known which is a real shame as it is so much better than all the other tripe that appears on British tv.

    PLEASE MAKE A SERIES SIX before I end up at St. Clares

  181. Theodore J. Silva says:

    This should be continued. What the producers have created, will be remembered for generations to come!

  182. John Carter says:

    I lovED Fringe when it first began. Where each super-interesting episode could stand on its own, and be watched alone, but yet was part of a whole (like the early X-Files). But I absolutely hated how it deteriorated into this gobily-gook of theoretical what-if’s, dead-ends, and u-turns; with alternate universes, weird bald guys, and main characters that didn’t really exist. The show basically suicide, in my opinion, the same way many other shows did, which started out with a great idea and then died. So sad, because I would have loved to see subsequent seasons of this mind-refreshing show in a sea of crap on TV.

  183. Madonna Borromeo says:

    Please don’t end with season 5…..there is so much more that can be created with your ingenious minds. I just finished watching the entire seasons on netflix…season 5 episode 13 left me empty inside …like a …so here’s a little part of a thought I just made up… felt like
    a beautiful pair of shoes I saw in a window and just had to have…when I received a box there was just one shoe in it….where is the other????
    Sombody …take on the project of FRINGE SEASON 6

  184. Hope9154 says:

    Bring back Fringe….I started watching on Netflix in March 2015 and I am totally addicted!!! The storyline, the characters, and John Nobles (I love Walter) are the best ever!!!!! There is more meat in this series!!!!

  185. Mayombe says:

    I’m totally agree, we need (and a said “we” cause I’m pretty sure that almost half world loved this show) a 6th season. But I still thinking that we can’t left Walter outside the show, and in the show in a pararrell world, every body want to know what’s gonna happen then with that kid and Walter.
    It’s my modest opinion. Thanks.

  186. Greg says:

    We need more of Fringe. It’s the only show worth watching.

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