Fringe filming under the Burrard Bridge

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Fringe were filming yesterday under the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver, and we were there to capture some pictures.
The cast and crew of Fringe were all really, really friendly. We got to go on set and meet Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop).

Fringe Filming

Arriving at around 4.45pm we caught the end of rehearsals, and were treated to a prime view of the shooting. At first, we kept our usual respectful distance from the filming so as not to disturb anything, but a member of the crew invited us closer to the filming.
We were sitting feet away from all of the action. It was very exciting indeed to watch.

The Fringe crew are very efficient at their job and shot quite a few scenes in a matter of hours. There were green screen elements on cranes too, so I’m guessing this is something to do with The Observers.


The episode they were filming yesterday was episode 4, and the title of that episode will be “The bullet that saved the world”. Set in 2036, the scenes they were filming involve Walter looking at part of some lost plan that he is trying ti retrieve. The plans are in his handwriting, but he doesn’t remember them. And there were Anti-matter batons there!

The bishop’s car was also on set, as well as Broyle’s and an old abandoned car on blocks. Broyles kills one of the Observers as soon as he appears. There was quite a bit of gunfire as they were filming both from Broyles and Etta, and of course the Observes were firing back too. Later on in the evening, a stunt involving Peter being thrown back by the shock wave from a hole appearing took place. This involved Joshua Jackson’s Fringe stunt double, Clay Virtue being tied to a harness and pulled through the air.


As always, there’s a gallery of pictures below.

Season 5 of Fringe will air on Friday, September 28th at 9 p.m. on City TV.

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