Intelligence: Josh and Meghan at BCIT Richmond

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Intelligence were filming at BCIT in Richmond on Saturday with both Josh Holloway and Meghan Ory in attendance.

The scene I saw them filming involved them walking from behind a plane towards some men in suits and then boarding a small jet.
They did this a few times in the wonderful sunshine that we are currently experiencing here in the Vancouver area.

Intelligence is based on an unpublished book called Dissident by John Dixon.
Josh Holloway plays Gabriel Black, a US Cyber Command agent with a very special gift, he has a microchip implanted in his brain that allows him to access the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
Meghan Ory plays Riley O’Neil and the show also stars Marg Helgenberger as Lillian.

I posted a few pictures of this scene the other day, but I’m releasing more pictures today of Josh and Meghan.

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