John Barrowman arrives to film more Dark Archer scenes for Arrow

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John Barrowman flew in today on a Westjet flight direct from Palm Springs to film scenes for hit CW TV SHow Arrow.

JB arrived around 3pm and was taken direct to the studio from the airport. He was kind enough to sign some autographs before he got into an awaiting car.
Every time I’ve met John he’s been a great guy. Always takes his time to talk to you, but more importantly he seems to have an interest in what you’re saying. He is definitely a fun guy!

He plays the part of Malcolm Merlin / Dark Archer on Arrow and is only in town for a couple of days before he flies off again.

John Barrowman
John Barrowman
John Barrowman
John Barrowman

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  1. JJ Goode says:

    More of the Dark Archer is fine with me. Arrow hasn’t slowed down yet with its slew of DC Universe characters. With Wednesday nights being dedicated to Arrow, I still have plenty of other shows to catch up on.

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