Once Upon a Time: Josh Dallas and David Anders

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Once Upon a Time was back in Steveston, and yesterday I gave you a sneak peek at some of the images I took of the morning shooting that was going on outside Granny’s Diner. It involved Josh Dallas (Charming / David Nolan) and David Anders (Dr. Whale).

Charming was leaning on the fence of Granny’s when Dr. Whale comes out to talk to him. They talk for the briefest of moments before he punches Dr. Whale! Probably for sleeping with his wife!

Josh Dallas & David Anders

I’ll post another post soon with more pictures of Dr. Whale looking a bit worse for wear. I don’t know what occured between the scenes, but it seems that something horrific has happened to him. I’m trying not to divulge too much information in this post, as I took so many pictures and putting them all in one post wouldn’t do them any justice.

Josh Dallas

Steveston was as glorious as ever as Storybrooke for the filming of Once Upon a Time. There wasn’t a huge crowd there watching either, which must have been refreshing for the PA’s. But that changed as the word got out over Twitter that the stars were out in force for the filming.

Josh Dallas, David Anders, Lana Parrilla, Robert Carlyle and a new character were all on location yesterday. The new character, who I thought was Prince Phillip, scenes will also be in a post of their own, as I think it was quite a pivotal scene for Storybrooke.

We will also be trying out a new format soon, where the pictures will be on the forums and just a couple will be on the main site. So join up now to get the username you want!

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    Fyi, it was not Julian Morris on set yesterday..

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