Leap 4 Your Life

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Winning isn’t everything….it’s the ONLY thing!

That’s the tagline for the movie that won the MustSeeBC Audience Must See Film competition as part of VIFF this year. The mother and daughter written and produced mokumnentary is eighty minutes of laughter from start to finish.


Taylor and Barbara Hill used their own experiences when it came to choosing their first project together. Taylor, having been a competitive dancer when she was younger, had enough knowledge of what went on at community dance competitions to draw from.

There are scenes in the movie that are laugh out loud funny. Straight from the off, the sassy and take-no-prisoners dance instructor Maureen (April Telek) will have you giggling to yourself as she introduces herself and the troupe to the audience. April wasted no time in signing on for the role when Taylor sent her the script.

Then there’s Dan (Peter Benson), the dance dad who thinks his son, Matt (Reece Thompson) is gay simply because he’s in a dance team. Dancing, apparently isn’t a sport for guys. The truth is Matt joined so that he could watch the girls.

Who could forget the performance of softly spoken Dave Collette as Rexx (with two x’s), the compare of the competition and husband of Maureen. He had a wonderful gold jacket that the director had borrowed from one of his friends. During the Q&A session after the movie, Dave was asked to re-create the song he sung during the show, and thankfully, to much applause he was game for a laugh.


Taylor herself has a role in the Gary Hawes directed movie as nerdy Molly. A hilarious role in it’s own right and truly an underdog story. Molly is snubbed by Maureen and is only there to make up the numbers, but she gives it her all. Her mother (Nathalie Therriault), is equally enthusiastic as her daughter.

Dalila Bela steals the show as the young Amy. A dancer who hates her step-mother and dedicates a rather strange gothic/punk routine to her. One of the funniest lines in the movie came from Dalila as she declares “my father only married you for your boobs!”.


Made on a budget of “a wink, a smile and pocket lint” according to Taylor, the mother and daughter team actually funded the movie themselves, with Taylor getting two extra jobs to pay for her half.

What’s amazing is that Taylor Hill was only 22 when she started writing the script for the movie! What an achievement is that!

Leap 4 Your Life is definitely a movie that people need to see. It’s a great little indie production that deserves all the recognition and accolades that I’m sure it will get!


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