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This morning I posted a message on Twitter that kind of got more attention than what I thought it would. The message I posted was:

Whilst I was on the set yesterday, a member of the crew got talking to a group of us and told us that “We might not get to see August Wayne Booth again”. They were done with him. Apparently Eion Bailey didn’t gel well with the rest of the cast when they were on locations.

But, I’m not sure how this crew member could say that. Surely we still need Pinocchio in the show. He is an integral part of Emma’s story. The last time we saw him was in episode six, “Tallahassee”, when he showed Neal Cassidy a box containing something that made him leave a pregnant Emma Swan alone until she had broken the curse. Obviously he’s still alive somewhere because he sent the postcard to Neal in the first episode of the second season.

This crew member can’t possibly know what Co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have in store for August. That would be crazy. He is such a fan favourite that killing him off would, judging by the reaction to my tweet this morning, be a seriously bad mistake.

We’ll have to wait and see. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. katmtan says:

    Its prolly because Eion got another show where he’s the lead actor but don’t really agree he’s not coming back :D I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

  2. Tina says:

    Lol August is far from a fan-favorite, especially post-Tallahassee. The fandom pretty much skinned him alive.

  3. sara says:

    Is he a fan favourite? I’ve only seen a few fans of his, everyone else seems to be indifferent.

  4. Alex says:

    I have yet to meet an August fan. Everybody seems to dislike him. And personally the only character I dislike more than August is Hook.

  5. Paige says:

    Yes, Hook has quickly become a fan fave too. Killing him off would be a 2nd big mistake.

  6. KLei says:

    Yeah, he’s a fan favorite. Some were upset after Tallahasee, but there are still a lot of Booth fans still out there. The fandom went nuts today on blog site I belong to.

  7. Liz says:

    people either love August or hate him. If anyone one dies it will be a girl, and most likely Belle whose death would make Rumple a ‘darker’ character or Ruby who people love but who has been on a dangerous path for a while. August has too much unfinished with his story to be killed at this point.

  8. anna says:

    He’s no fan fav… Jennifer must have been talking about someone else…I really don’t think they’ll kill him… it wouldn’t make much sense… he’s too important for the main plot… though I’m sorry to hear there was some kind of misunderstanding with the rest of the crew… I wonder what it might be… it must have been something of a certain weight to make that guy say “lol we might not see him again”… did he refuse to turn a scene? did he have an argument with one of the cast? can you say tell us what happened or give us a hint at least?

  9. Jane says:

    I wouldn’t consider him a fan favorite either.

  10. Dawn Smith says:

    I liked him a lot and think he is an esential part of the show,although robert carlyle is my favorite.

  11. Johnnie R. Blunt says:

    I hope that Eion Bailey stays with OUaT. But if he doesn’t, OUaT producers can always recast. Many Bailey fans may not like it. Perhaps many in the fandom will be upset.

    But the role of Pinocchio has been played by two different actors with two very different looks. If I were an OUaT producer and I knew that Bailey most likely would not return, I wouldn’t kill off that actor’s character. I would recast and explain the difference in appearance is due to a side-effect of magic.

    Remember the fandom apparently accepted an adult Pinocchio who looked almost nothing like his childhood self. I think they will accept a magically transformed Pinocchio. Perhaps they will cast an actor who looks more like the child actor who originated the role?

  12. Barb Canonico says:

    I find this hard to believe! Everyone whom has worked with Eion has always remarked on how he is easy to get along with and a joy to work with. I am sure this is just a rumor and rumor have a way of growing out of control… We will see him back as August, maybe not as much as some would like, but he will be there! Also he is an extremely gracious and charming person…

  13. Erika says:

    Really? How it is even a question about August being a fan favorite? Of course he is. He’s one of the most obsessed about characters.

  14. Anthea says:

    I don´t know if He is fan favorite but definitely he is a fan obsession.

  15. Angela says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever really been a fan of the character. The actor was awesome on Covert Affairs. Maybe the character will be recast as someones dresser. “Wow, Regina, what an interesting design your new dresser is!”

  16. Karina says:

    This comment of “We might not see August Wayne Booth again”, looks more like now he has turn into wood again, and he returned to be Pinocchio, and he is not August anymore. I hope they meant that, and not that he is leaving OUAT… that will be really sad.

  17. Andrea says:

    August was one of my favourite characters on the show. Just because he wasn’t every girl’s idea of what a prince should be like. He was one of the more believable characters on the show. I still find his presence on the show even though I have watched season 1 so many times now one of the better performances on the show. I know people think that he was a threat to Graham and Neal but to tell you the truth even though I liked Graham he just didn’t have the same presence as August did on the show and for Neal well I don’t know how much of a fan favourite he is going to be.

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