Once Upon a Time: Captain Hook and Cora (double)

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Once Upon a Time returned to Steveston in Style just before the start of the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Update: Quite a few people have mentioned that the woman in the pictures isn’t Barbara Hershey, so thanks guys for pointing that out. I was certain it was her because she looks so similar. Anyone with any ideas as to who she is?
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Steveston was once again the place to be on Friday for the filming of Once Upon a Time. The Tall Ship Lady Washington had been spotted at Britannia Shipyard and Stage 49 signs were posted around the area, so it could mean only one thing – Captain Hook was in town!

The Lady Washington

The Lady Washington was out in the Georgia Strait for most of the day, arriving back in dock at around 5.30pm in the afternoon. She had set sail much earlier in the day as there was no sign of her when I got there at 11am. Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Cora (Barbara Hershey), The Evil Queen’s mother, were aboard filming scenes in the autumn sunshine on what was a pretty calm, but cold day in Steveston.

Barbera Hershey Double
Colin O'donoghue

As we all know, Hook loses one of his hands to a crocodile, but it seemed like he had both of his hands when he disembarked from The Lady Washington. It’s interesting to note also that IMDb has him listed as Captain Hook / Killian Jones for the show. We don’t need an explanation as to the Captain Hook part, but who is Killian Jones?

We will get to meet Captain Hook for the first time, according to IMDb, in this Sunday’s episode, We Are Both. But, as you can see from the comments, possibly not until episode 4.

A gallery of pictures can be found below. Don’t forget to visit the forums to discuss Once Upon a Time and other TV Shows, or leave a comment below. We would love to hear what you think of the show, and the pictures.

Once Upon a Time is shown on Sunday at 7pm on CTV in Canada and at 8pm on ABC in the US.

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  1. Emilie says:

    Just leaving a comment to thank you for the awesome photos, and to let you know that Hook won’t appear until episode 2×04 :(

  2. ouat says:

    I am not so sure but I think she is substitute of Barbara Hershey. Her clothes and necklace are the same as Cora’s if you look at the the end of “We are both”.

  3. OnceFan says:

    Maybe it is Milha, Rumps wife that he is trying to save from a group of pirates? I do not think that is Barbra either :-)

  4. marissa says:

    Killian Jones could be his Storybrooke name…….

  5. Suzi says:

    this show is so much fun….there’s no telling who’ll show up next!

  6. Kara says:

    Maybe Cora disguises herself as this woman.

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