Once Upon a Time: Ethan Embry

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Once Upon a Time have cast a new actor to play an as-yet unnamed character in the hit ABC TV Show and he was on set a while ago taking some promotional photos.
Ethan Embry

His name is Ethan Embry. I hadn’t heard of him prior to his castin in Once Upon a Time, but he has appeared in quite a few TV Shows and movies. He was Det. Frank Smith in the TV Show Dragnet, Declan Giggs in Brotherhood, Spencer Reed in Fairly Legal and has had parts in CSI: Miami, House and Numb3rs.

Ethan Embry

So who could he be in the show? Some suggestions I’ve heard are:

  • Baelfire?
  • Dr. Whale’s brother?
  • Dracula?

Who do you think he could be? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hmmm. Cute guy. Don’t really care, just want more Hook news. Hee, hee. ;O)

  2. BB says:

    He isn’t any Fairytale character Jennifer Morrison has already confirmed that he is just a stranger from the outside. So there is NO options of who he is.

    • VancityFilming says:

      He could be a character from a land that isn’t FTL though I guess, Just like Dr. Whale isn’t from FTL.

      Maybe he’s a friend of Neal / Baelfire?

      • Steph says:

        I think you’re right; he’s probably a friend of Neal’s. My theory is that Neal asked him to go scope out Storybrooke for him because- another theory of mine- he’s actually Baelfire and a) wants to confirm the curse is broken, b) wants to confirm Emma is there and alright, and c) wants to avoid confronting his father no matter what. Ethan’s character will eventually spill that Neal sent him and knows about everything, which is what urges her to finally leave Storybrooke with Gold and confront him.

        That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!

        • Kay says:

          I hope your right Steph. I sort of See Baelfire as Neal as well as I see Baelfire being either one Peter Pan or the lost boys, in which case if he ties into that theory as w maybe this visitor is either a lot boy or was peter pan before he decided to stick around? Don’t know all I hope is that Neal is Bae so Rump gets his son plus a grandson<3 haha…. Its also dawned on me since the next fairytale episode from the scenes it looks like we will be seeing is The Doctor is possibly the Doctors brother… and when you die in fairytale land perhaps you come back as a normal person in the real world. (which if that's the case hopefully somehow someone figures a way to bring back Graham!)

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