Once Upon a Time: Hook and Emma

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Only 26 days left (as of writing this) left until a brand new season on the hit ABC TV Show that we all love returns to ours screens. Yes, Once Upon a Time will be back!

The first eleven episodes are centered on Neverland and the “Jolly Roger Gang”. We do know that Mr. Gold gets seperated from the reat of the gang at some point too.

But, you’re not here to read about that (are you?). You’re here to read about Hook and Emma. TV Line has this new photo of the two of them together with Emma holding what looks like a dagger.

Hook and Emma

According to TV Line:

Being a realm where you never grow up, “We feel like Neverland makes people confront their pasts,” says cocreator Eddy Kitsis. “Plus, it’s like a jungle, so it’s magical yet at the same time dark and sexy.” Just be wary of he who lords over the place. As cocreator Adam Horowitz notes, “If The Dark One is afraid of someone, you should probably listen to him!” Our intrepid travelers will have to deal with one another as well. “They all have this baggage and history that we’ve built up over two seasons, and you see it all come out,” Kitsis says. (Meanwhile on the romantic front, “The feelings between some of these characters will be hard to deny.”) Back in Storybrooke, Belle’s role in the larger arc “becomes clear early on and is something we’re really excited to reveal,” says Horowitz, while Neal “has a big problem,” injured and stranded as he is in Fairytale Land. Asks Kitsis: “How is he going to get back?”

Source: TV Line

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  1. JR1 says:

    Cannot wait to see what we have with Emma-Hook and the build up to that <3

  2. Keully says:

    “The feelings between some of these characters will be hard to deny.” OMG! Captain Swan <3

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