Once Upon a Time: Is Neal Cassidy Rumpelstiltskin’s son Bae?

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Many people have been speculating as to whether Neal Cassidy, the father of Emma Swan’s son Henry, is also Rumpelstiltskin’s son.

Tyler James seems to think that he is. Tyler sent me a link on Twitter to this Tumblr post.

In the post, Tyler has spotted that Neal Cassidy is wearing a scarf that is very similar to the one that Bae used to wear as a child.

What do you guys think?

Neal Cassidy

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  1. courts says:

    Well, it’s cliche, adds into the idea that biology is the most important thing and adds another illegitimate parent to Henry, so it’s probably Bae.

  2. Karen says:

    I don’t like the idea because it reminds me of a soap opera, but I fear they did write it so Henry’s father is also the son of Rumplestiltskin. :(

  3. hitomi04 says:

    i hope he is not, is too obvious!, i have been thinking this since season 1.

  4. Cailyn K. says:

    Neal is definitely Baelfire!I can’t wait until the show comes back on!Thanks for posting!:)

  5. deedee says:

    I still think Bae is Peter Pan.

  6. Taylor says:

    If it is I can’t wait to see Emma’s conniption!!!

  7. BB says:

    Yeah the scarf the little Bae is wearing looks alot like the oe Neal is wearing but I don’t need anymore proof I know he’s Baelfire.

  8. BIA says:

    I hope he’s Bae!

  9. Maz says:

    I agree I think it is too obvious. What about Regina being Rumpelstiltskins daughter? Since we saw Cora and Rumpelstilskin “reminise” on old times, perhaps Rumpel is her father but not know it. It would certainly be a twist we wouldn’t expect.

  10. Suzanne says:

    It is my hope that Neal IS Baelfire because it would bring the story full circle. To me, it wouldn’t make sense for Henry’s father to be some random guy with no ties to Storybrooke. I would also love to see the looks on the faces of both Emma and Gold when that connection is revealed…priceless!

  11. ammie lake says:

    Ole Rump is Henry’s grandfather he will do anything for the boy. Emma being Henry’s bio mom she’s gotten up in Rumps face more than once. Rump never says anything about that to Emma. He loves Henry he glows when he sees him. Henry is his grandson think about it.

  12. mic7 says:

    LOL what is it about the father and son duo holding onto scarfs…anyway I think he’s Bae…have for a long time and can’t wait to see Manhattan

  13. Kelly says:

    I hope Neal is Bae. The scarf looks like bae’s. in the cast photo it looks like henry is wearing bae’s cloak and it makes sense why neal would believe august and why he would want a dream catcher. dark one nightmares. plus i’d love to see mrj and rc acting against each other.

  14. veryty77 says:

    Oh come on….it’s just a scarf! I don’t think Neal is Balfire because in one hand it would make the story way more complicated than it is now (I don’t think that it needs to be more complicated) and on the other hand it would be to obvious, too easy.

  15. blossom says:

    I think it would be crazy and cool if Neal is rumple son.

  16. margi fisher says:

    If Neal IS Bae…..how does that make *either* of Henry’s parents illegitimate? Snow and Charming were married when they had Emma, and Rumple was married to Milha when they had Bae…neither is illegitimate >_>;

    Predictable, yes. But that’s about the only real complaint you could make about it.

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