Once Upon a Time: Lana Parrilla Competition

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When we started our Colin O’Donoghue competition yesterday, many people were asking when we’d do a Lana Parrilla competition. Obviously, we want to make as many people happy as possible, so today we’re announcing our Evil Queen competition.

Lana Parrilla is one of the friendliest cast members you’ll ever meet. She enjoys spending time meeting fans and interacting with them, even if it makes her late.

So, just a couple of notes to go along with this competition:

  • This competition is open to everyone.
  • The competition closes on April 29th, 2013 at 3pm (Pacific Time – US & Canada).

Have fun, and good luck!

72 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    Thank you for this opportunity :)

  2. Kathy says:

    Lana Parrilla is my favorite actress on OUAT because she is truly an amazing actress. With every feeling she emotes, the audience feels it as well – that is a sign of an extremely talented actress. I also admire the fact that she really appreciates her fans. Lana signs as many autographs and takes as many pictures with her fans as she can as well as keeping up with them via twitter. Lana constantly thanks her fans for their support and you do not really see that too much in Hollywood.

  3. Sharon says:

    Love lana

  4. Becca says:

    Lana Parrilla is my favourite actress on OUAT because she makes the most fierce and beautiful evil queen to ever grace our screens. She makes all her evil regals proud! Love from the UK :)

  5. Lelia says:

    Lana is my favourite actress because, well, she’s amazing. She always puts so much emotion into her performances and she’s always so lovely with the fans. (:

  6. Mickaëla says:

    Why Lana is my favorite character? Well, simply because she is awesome. I love all the characters of the show but Lana…that’s different. I mean, she’s got this face you’ll never forget because she has this thing that I can’t even expain. I don’t even know why I love her so much, only my heart knows. Lana is such a talented actress, I love the way she plays Regina/The Evil Queen. She was made for this role, no one could play Regina better than her. Plus, Lana is such a GREAT PERSON, she is so sweet and kind to her fans. She is not one of those ‘stars’ that ignore their fans, and this is what makes the difference. Lana is so flawless, stunning, beautiful. I just love what she is and what she does.. Mama Regal rocks!

  7. steph says:

    Awesome competition glad you allowed people to enter via email as I don’t do twitter or facebook. :)

  8. Mizuki says:

    I really like Lana, she’s very talented and she is beautiful, Lana spent time talking with us, his fans, this is really great ! This is a great opportunity for me to have a picture of Lana ;)

  9. Kim says:

    Lana is my favorite because not only is she so dedicated to her craft, but she is so genuinely appreciative of her fans.

  10. Sandra says:

    Lana is an amazing actress and her performance as the Evil Queen is perfect :)

  11. Bianca says:

    Because she’s amazing, beautiful and completely devoted to her work!

  12. Eunice says:

    Lana Parrilla is my favorite actress on the show because she brings so much humanity and complexity to what could easily have been a one-dimensional character. She really takes the viewers on her journey and gets them to see her side of the story. She’s one of the reasons, if not the reason, why I keep watching Once Upon A Time. Offscreen, she’s also such an inspiration to us Evil Regals, with her work supporting women and LGBTQs, and with the way she interacts with fans. I

    ‘ve only known of a few celebrities and actors who treat fans the way she does, and I really appreciate how warm, open, and loving she is toward the Evil Regals.

  13. Rashad says:

    What can I say about the wonderful Lana Parrilla. One word describes her performance, and that is Stellar. It sums up everything, and she’s such a great role model to look up to, and she’s just the best. And personally, I feel that nobody could bring justice to the role of Regina as she has done, and I truly think of her as being like a TV Mom for me. I’m a devoted Evil Regal who’s often gotten in arguments with the Charming fans, and White fans, and Dearies, and Swans because of how much I defend Regina. I love Lana Parrilla, my television mother!!!!
    P.S. I really ship ThiefQueen (NealxRegina), and was hoping Lana and Michael would take a picture together. I just feel out of everyone, Neal would probably understand Regina the most.

  14. Holly says:

    I’m trying to figure out why Lana Parrilla WOULDN’T be my favorite actress. She’s so passionate about her role as the Evil Queen that it gives her craft new life, more than she’s had in any other role. The way she treats fans just boosts her even further up the totem pole – she always seems so humble, modest, and appreciative.

  15. Mikhaela says:

    Lana Parrilla is my favorite actress on Once because she is the nicest person you will ever meet. She is so kind to her fans, and loves to s

  16. Michelle says:

    Lana is my favourite actress on OUAT because she is such a strong actress and gracious with her fans.

  17. Lupe says:

    Favorite Because she is a Fantastic Actress on the Show & The BEST from the Cast with ALL of her FANS!!! :)

  18. Kaili says:

    Lana is not only my favorite actress of the OUAT cast, but of the entirety of entertainment. She is flawless in her delivery of emotion and character. Lana-centric episodes are always my favorite, like The Stable Boy and The Cricket Game.

    I will always admire her for her hard work as an actress, and also a human being. Her work with charities and organizations such as HRC and LGBTQ affairs has inspired me to follow in her footsteps. I’m so proud to be a fan of Lana and introduce her work to other people.

  19. Marie says:

    She has proven that being latina is a strength and that our personality is mesmerizing, cool, and very talented. I believe destiny and a little bit of magic dust made her land and get the role. But her talent and beauty is what will make her embrace and carry such a character as The Evil Queen.

  20. Lia says:

    Lana is my favorite actress on OUAT because she supports marriage equality and equal rights and goes about admitting it openly. She also spends a lot of time delving into the psychology of her character, which shows onscreen when she plays multiple versions of herself. I’ve loved watching her since I first saw her on Swingtown, and she’s the only actress I had seen in another role prior to OUAT.

  21. Gabriela says:

    Lana is my favorite actress because she does such an amazing work playing the Evil Queen, she got me every single sunday and everytime i see Regina is like all the emotions come out of my screen and stares right in front of me! She’swonderfull and an lovely person, so supportive with all of her Evil Regals… i’ve never felt so close to one of my idols before so … I’m happy :)

  22. Gabriela says:

    I hope i can win!!! Peruvian Evil Regal here!

  23. Katie says:

    Lana is my fav because she can portray and show so many emotions with her character, she can do a range of emotion- each one different- all in one scene, she named us Evil Regals and is so great with her fans, and she does such an amazing job as Regina.

  24. Skipper says:

    Lana is beautiful, an very caring and shows it she does not make her fans feel like they are bothering her, she talks to us like she is a long time friend. She shares parts of her private life with us and makes us feel like family she is very not shy about being an supporter for the GLBT community, Lana embraces life and encourages others to do the same.

  25. Essi says:

    Lana is my favorite actress on OUAT because she is incredibly talented! I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing The Evil Queen or Regina Mills. Her acting is so flawless, seriously. Her face expressions are amazing. Lana is amazing!

  26. Helen says:

    Lana is truly an amazing actress. It’s not hard to see the dedication and hard work that she puts into her character on OUAT. To play such a complex character really shows her talent. You can clearly see that she puts the emotion to Regina/Evil queen. I love the fact that she really and truly appreciates her fans, and how she stays connected with them via twitter.The best part of it all she joined her fans in a get healthy challenge and quit smoking. How great is that? I have never met Lana, but just by looking at pictures of her with fans I can easily see that she is a really warm and welcoming person. Lana’s story about feather’s and hope honestly warms my heart a little as well with many of her fan’s. In fact gave me the inspiration to get through my dark times.
    Amazingly talented, beautiful and kind. Lana is just plain wonderful and I am so very glad that I stumbled upon the show OUAT. That would be why she is my favorite actress.

  27. raquel says:

    Lana is my favourite actress because she is great. She cares for her fans and gives them attention, besides being an amazing actress. (:

  28. Carmen Romero Lorenzo says:

    Lana is my favourite character because she is very interesting, she is not only evil.

  29. Daphne says:

    Lana is my favourite actress on OUAT because she is simply amazing and loving and awesome and flawless (do I need to continue?) and she is one of the few actresses who really stay ‘real’ and she has amazing fans. I met so many wonderful people because of her <3

  30. Larissa says:

    Lana Parrilla is my favourite actress on OUAT because she’s bad in a different way, that is good to see. She is such an amazing actress, that can make you laugh and cry in the same scene. She’s the only who make me cheer for the Evil Queen, and not for Snow White. She’s a truly artist. Everyone LOVES Lana!

  31. Laly says:

    Lana Parrilla is my favorite actress because she’s really amazing! In Once Upon a Time, she played the Evil Queen perfectly with great emotion! She arrived well in her character and bring a lot of emotion. Lana is a close actress of her fans and it’s great for all those who are like me who loves her, she makes us share her passion for her work with lots of love! Besides being beautiful she is talented and so kind ! Lana is a great actress and I love her so much… :)

  32. Irene says:

    Lana Parilla is an amazing actress. Her role as the Evil Queen makes you want to hate her, hug her, love her, punch her- whatever! You get mixed emotions but I personally like her. I love when she gives this evil stare. Haha! Scaryyy. I love Lana, she’s hardcore. :P

  33. Laura says:

    Lana is my favourite actress because she shows true strength and courage in all projects she takes on and welcomes her fans with open arms.

  34. Man says:

    Well.. Lana is just awesome. She’s really really talented! I love her performance in Swingtown, The double life of Eleonor Kendall or Miami Medical. But her character in Once upon a time is to far the best ! She’s very charming and lovely. All the Evil Regals can understand that :)

  35. Jessi says:

    Lana is an amazing actress and i have fallen in love with evil queen thanks to her. Also i have a soft spot in supporting my fellows latinas!

  36. Emma says:

    Lana is an amazing actress and human being. I’ve loved her in Once right from the beginning. I often say to myself and other people that Lana is to good an actress to be a villain. Give Lana the role of a villain and a background story and Lana will turn even the Evil Queen into a hero. Or at least into a broken human being we feel some sort of compassion for we might not want to admit. She has inspired me in many ways and I would love to win this picture of her. Hopefully one day I will be lucky enough to meet her and get the picture signed. Who knows!

  37. anasof says:

    Lana Parrilla is my favorite because she is very talented and so dedicated to her role. She put extra effort on making Regina relatable, despite her evil roots, and even so for the evil queen, which she plays wonderfully. In one word, she’s just AWESOME!! Also, she is super sweet with her fans, she is kind hearted and very beautiful.

  38. Sophia says:

    I fell in love with Lana in the first episode and since then Regina is my favorite character and nothing will ever change that! Although she has the role of “the villain” so man people love her, and that’s because of this amazing actress named Lana Parrilla. She plays this role just brilliantly and manages to bring Regina truely to live and to show her vulnerable and human. Lana just fascinates me with her talent and beauty and kindness <3

  39. Marlena says:

    Lana is a True actress! She takes a lot of time to understand The Evil Queen/Regina. She even went as far as to buy the gold/green ring from props (green is the color of the curse). She changes her voice tone for different times, and if shes The Evil Queen, Regina, or Young Regina. She doesn’t just show up and reads her lines. She Becomes The Queen/Regina!

  40. Steph says:

    She is a great actress that has chemistry with all the other characters she shares scenes with. The range of emotions she displays are amazing and really brings me. She plays the dual roles of the Queen and Regina really well. It’s amazing to me how she can make both distinct. For being one of the “bad guys”, I really feel for her and enjoy her scenes the most.

  41. Delphine says:

    Lana is just one of my favorite actress from all time! Her talent takes my breath away in every single episode of #OUAT. She’s so expressive and it always makes me share Regina’s feelings. Even if she’s the Evil Queen, she has this little (actually big!) something that makes us love her! I can’t help it, she deserves an award! Flawless and gorgeous #EvilRegal, the fairest of them all <3

  42. Eldina says:

    Lana is my favorite actress because she’s just the way she is. She’s talented, funny, kind and very beautifu inside and outside. God bless her for being so talented :)

  43. Amber says:

    Lana is my favorite actress because she is so dedicated to her character. She portrays her character(s) with such emotion. It’s amazing.

  44. Hannah says:

    Lana is my favorite actor on OUAT, because she adds so much depth to a character that could be only seen as evil. She puts out so much emotion, and it kills me every week. Plus, from everything I’ve read she seems like a really amazing person.

  45. Dawn says:

    Lana is my favorite, because her abilities are amazing. Every scene she is in blows my mind and usually makes me want to cry.

  46. Kim D. says:

    Lana Parrilla is my favorite actress because she’s sweet and appreciates her fans. She’s also plays the Evil Queen very well.

  47. Rachel says:

    Lana Parrilla is an amazing actress and person. She always takes times for her fans to show them she cares. Every star could learn a lesson from this wonderful, beautiful woman.

  48. morgan says:

    Lana parrilla is my favorete actress because she beleives in gay marrige and because she does not judge, she is just such a sweet person I love her !

  49. Tracy says:

    Lana Parrilla is my favourite actress as no one could play the evil queen like her, she is amazing, lovely, talented, beautiful & has made it acceptable to like an evil queen, long may she remain in the show. She brings a whole new level to the character and such emotions that makes her fans emphasise & feel everything that she feels which is the sign of someone truly wonderful like Lana is.

  50. Carol says:

    Lana is my favorite actress on OUaT because she loves Regina Mills and The Evil Queen.
    As much as Regina and The Evil Queen do terrible things, we feel compassion for the characters, and that’s thanks to Lana who plays these roles with a high level of humanity.
    As Robert Carlyle says: “she is fucking brilliant”.

  51. Lisa says:

    Lana Parrilla is my favorite actress of OUAT because she has unbelievable talent and her work is outstanding. She has so much dedication to her work and is constantly making sure she performs to the best of her abilities as an actress. She brings the Evil Queen/Regina character to life in such a way that the audience can either love to hate her or just love her in the end. Which takes an incredible amount of skill! She makes the Evil Queen/Regina relate-able to the audience. As for off camera Lana Parrilla is truly genuine and has a very humble personality! Far from her on camera character personality! I love Lana because she is also very outspoken and fights for what she believes in and she truly inspires me everyday to keep going in life. I am proud to be a fan of Lana Parrilla and her one of the many EvilRegals she has in her Evil Regal Army fan base. She amazing and couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the role of the Evil queen/Regina on OUAT! :D

  52. Anne says:

    she is my fave actress on OUaT becausae she is perfect! she is my guide in many ways. I just really want to meet her and thank her for being who she is.

  53. Nico-Lee du Plessis says:

    Lana is my Fav because: She inspires us all, her talent is unbelievable we’ve seen her play 4 roles within this one awesome show, i’ve felt her heart ache & cried with her. & i’ve celebrated when she was happy. Lana also cares about her Evil Regals. & not only is her feather a symbol of Hope but her words of encouragement are as well. lastly only one word could truly explain Lana Parrilla & that word is —> supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  54. Felicity says:

    She seems to lack the horrible arrogance that most celebrities have. She’s fun to be around and lights up a room.

  55. Tracy says:

    Lana Parrilla is my favorite actress because in every scene she does she puts everything she has into the scene. She takes time out of her busy schedule to log on to twitter and leave comments which makes me smile and my day better. She makes me want to better myself every day.

  56. Emma says:

    This is a great opportunity. Lana does so much for her fans and gives back to the Evil Regals so much. She is such a caring and inspirational person.

  57. Léa says:

    Why is Lana my favorite actress on OUaT ? She can not just act like the others actors, she can give. She gave a lot to me, just by seeing her on my computer screen, when she cries I cry, when she laughs I laugh. I think Lana turn the Evil Queen into a hero or at least probably a broken human being. Lana warms my heart when I feel sad or I don’t want to wake up on the morning, I just have to think about her and I kinda feel better. Hopefully one day I will be lucky and have a chance to meet her and thank her just to be who she is and thank her because she brights my darkest days.

  58. Crystal says:

    Lana is my favorite actress of OUAT because she is funny, smart, talanted, and has managed to bring some human emotion to a character that has always been played out as just being mean and not really caring about anyone else. And also because she seems to really love her fans. Its so rare that you find someone in hollywood that is willing to take the time to really interact with their fans, and Lana is so giving in this way.

  59. Tati says:

    Thanks for this chance! I love Lana so much because she’s a great actress and a lovely person. I think she deserves all the success she has right now and the love of all her fans. She’s always so available and grateful with fans. I wish her all the best and I hope I can tell her in person all this.

  60. saiesha says:

    Lana brings a human aspect into every character she plays, there’s just something about the way she portrays these fictional beings into reality that makes you feel and experience everything that the character is going through in that moment. besides the fact that she is incredibly talented, she’s also very humble and down-to-earth and that is a rare quality in everyone and anyone, plus she’s freakishly hot!

  61. Ophélie says:

    Lana Parrilla is my favorite actress, because she is a true model of talent and kindness. I’ve never seen a woman like her before. She’s kind, devoted to her fans, truly talented, and she can give so many emotions, even with one smile, or one tear. Lana is a real inspiration to me, not only I admire her as an actress, but I also admire the woman she is, she’s got strength, that she shares with her fans everyday. If I would like to look like someone, I’d wish to be like her ! She’s the reason why I want to improve myself, I want to be has charismatic as she is.

  62. K says:

    She just rocks. :)

  63. Tessa says:

    She’s my fave actress because she puts everything in the roles she plays. She also is a ver caring and inspirational person, taking her time with her fans.

  64. Donna says:

    Lana is my favorite actress because is the most talented woman I know. She is beautiful, funny, kind and she loves her fans. I am proud to be an Evilregal, and I will support Lana in everything she does.

  65. Martina says:

    Lana is my favourite actress because she’s very talented, she always gives 100% of herself in all her roles, she brings up all emotions, so audience is able to get into the characters she’s playing. She always have time for her fans, she has beautiful smile and she always radiate with positiv energy. I watched her in Boomtown, Swingtown, Miami Medical and OUAT, and she rocks. The reason I love her even more, is that she supports others rights. Thank you, Lana :-)

  66. Libby says:

    Lana is my favorite because her talent absolutely blows me away each week–no matter how often I watch her I am still so absolutely taken by her performances. On top of loving her as an actress, she’s just an incredible human being–she’s such a sweetheart to everyone, and treats her fans like intelligent, capable people, which is somewhat rare. She’s generous and grateful, and so extremely compassionate.

  67. Fatima says:

    love the show and Lana Parrilla one of my favorite actress!

  68. Rosy says:

    I’m pretty determined to win. I just don’t know what to say.
    Why when I love someone I never have the words to say?!?! Hmm.

  69. Jamie says:

    What a b*tch!! I love her haha. I think I’m living vicariously ;)

  70. Bri says:

    Lana is the best actress on OUAT because of the immense amount of care and thought she puts into her craft. She genuinely wants to portray Regina to the best of her ability, and not one single detail is thoughtless. Lana is the MOST loving and appreciative actress towards her fans that I’ve ever come across, and she is so down to Earth; she doesn’t carry herself as being above her fans, she speaks to us like we’re good friends. Above all, Lana loves what she does and you can see that in every line and every look of Regina’s in the show. There is so much talent and pure love for the craft in Lana, and she genuinely makes the audience feel that in her acting. She is a great role model for her fans, and I’m so glad to consider myself an Evil Regal.

  71. Daphne says:

    There aren’t enough words to describe why I love Lana..her spirit..her heart..her talent…she’s enchanting.

  72. Kelly Martin says:

    Who doesn’t like the Evil Queen? She epitomizes all aspects of myself, dark and brooding and inside a warm heart. I love her bad ass side and her caring side shining through. She is the perfect Evil Queen. Lana is also incredibly striking and beautiful.

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