Once Upon a Time: October 25

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Once Upon a Time were filming in Steveston yesterday (October 25, 2012) and I decided at the last minute to head out to watch them film scenes for the upcoming tenth episode of season two.

I got there around 3.30pm and they were just finishing up at Mr. Gold’s Pawnbrokers before they broke for lunch. Which meant I had an hour or so to hang around before any more filming started. Which is fine, because Steveston, although cold, is a nice place to hang out at. Besides, the sun was shining and it wasn’t that cold.

Storybrooke Bread

Filming moved from Mr. Gold’s to Granny’s diner for the majority of the night, except for a scene in an alley, which I’ll come to later. Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) were first up filming a scene outside. It was something to do with Regina not wanting any cake from the Diner, lol. It sounded funny at the time, but I don’t think it will be when it airs.

Lana Parrilla & Jennifer Morrison

Next up was Lana on her own and then Meghan Ory (Ruby) on her own. Although thy were interacting together, their scenes were separate. Lana was in a great mood last night and was laughing and joking with fans from a distance. At one point she told us not to repeat what we just heard her say!

Meghan Ory

After that we got to watch a pretty cool scene being filmed in an alley way besides the Storybrooke Bread store, but were asked not to reveal anything about it at all. What I can tell you, is that it’s a huge deal. I have pictures of it, but won’t release them until the episode airs in January. You’re just going to have to wait, sorry guys.

I think that this is the largest gallery that I’ve uploaded to the website with 111 pictures. All because I love the show so much.

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  1. decarus says:

    Did Emma get in her bug and drive away?

  2. crystalized says:

    ah man, we have to wait until January for this episode?! Thank you for uploading the pictures!!! I can’t wait to see what other pictures you have!

  3. Noreen says:

    Did they seem friendly with each other between takes? Or is it true that they don’t seem to be find of one another?

  4. Aimee says:

    Yes I am interested in the comment above i always wonder if Lana and Jennifer are friendly with each other on set as the rest of the cast seem to be.

  5. SamiH says:

    What exactly was the cake comment??

  6. Tarsila says:

    I loved the photos!
    Thanks VCF!

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