Once Upon a Time: Steveston shoot (Set 4)

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Set four of my pictures of Jennifer Morrison, Robert Carlyle, Michael Raymond-James, Emilie De Ravin and David Anders filming in Steveston on Wednesday, March 13th.

Jennifer Morrison and Michael Raymond-James were first to film on the docks in Steveston. They had a short scene of the both of them walking towards the cannery. Was too far away to hear any dialogue, but something must have happened because Emma ran off with Neal shouting after her and giving chase.

Michael Raymond-James and Jennifer Morrison

Then it was on to The Rabbit Hole location. This is just a doorway on the side of a building. There’s no actual pub downstairs, or up for that matter. The scene involved Dr. Whale on his back on the floor shouting at Mr. Gold to “WAIT! WAIT! WAIT!”
I believe this has something to do with the doctor staring at Belle / Lacey in a way that poor old Rump didn’t like. Mr. Gold can be heard telling Dr. Whale to “Kiss my boot!” before Neal runs in shouting at his father and pulling him away.
“What are you doing!?” asks Neal
“Let go of me son, this doesn’t concern you” replies Gold.

Gold and Neal then have a conversation about how Gold hasn’t changed one bit and that Neal is only sticking around because of Henry. Neal then makes the revelation that Tamara and him are to be married. Gold grins and tell him that it’ll never last as long as he still holds a candle for Emma.
It was all very dramatic to watch.
David Anders came running over to fans who were watching and very graciously introduced himself to every one waiting. “Hi, I’m David, nice to meet you.” I have a new found respect for him now. He chose to do it on his own and without any security to pull him away. Although, he was called to make-up by one of the crew to which he replied to the fans “I know what you’re thinking, why does such a good looking guy need make-up”. He mostly ignored the crew member and signed autographs for those who wanted one.

David Anders

Robert Carlyle and Emilie De Ravin always make time to come and say hi to the fans. Yesterday was no exception. It was pouring it down with rain and still the two of them spent time meeting any fan who wanted an autograph or a picture taken. Poor Emilie was shivering from the cold, but still stood there all smiling and happy.
The Leaf Lady, Sarah, who is also Scottish came up to Robert with a plate that read “God made Scots just a wee bit better.”
They were both laughing and joking about it. Robert is such a huge star, but has his feet firmly on the ground and loves interacting with the fans whenever he can. I have nothing but the upmost respect for this guy. A true star.

Robert Carlyle

More pictures coming up soon.

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