Continuum: The Artifex Studios VFX Reel


Spanning 13 episodes and close to 1000 VFX shots, season 2 of Continuum was a wild, exciting ride.

Aritfex were responsible for a wide range of work, including aging and de-aging characters, 2077 technology of all kinds, full digital environments, a number of futuristic vehicles, a full-CG train, and of course Kiera’s suit and HUD tech.


Arrow: You Better Pray promo


There’s a new promo for the CW’s Arrow TV Show, which took everyone by storm last year. Season one was spectacular and I have no doubts that season two will be even more so.

On Wednesday, October 9th we’ll get to see the first episode of the second season, but for those of you who can’t wait, here’s a new promo for the show.


Supernatural: Season 9


Sam survives! Which isn’t really a spoiler or a surprise, but it’s good to know. Season nine of the hit CW TV Show will return to our screen on Tuesday, October 8th.

Why Sam survives is a secret that the elder Winchester will hold on to, and one which may cause a rift between the brothers. “You’re going to find Dean, in the beginning of this season, in a slightly different position.”

Hook and Emma

Once Upon a Time: Hook and Emma


Only 26 days left (as of writing this) left until a brand new season on the hit ABC TV Show that we all love returns to ours screens. Yes, Once Upon a Time will be back!

The first eleven episodes are centered on Neverland and the “Jolly Roger Gang”. We do know that Mr. Gold gets seperated from the reat of the gang at some point too.

Once Upon a Time Logo

Once Upon a Time: Season three trailer – new footage


In less than a month, Once Upon a Time will return to our screens with a brand new third season. We haven’t seen much from this season’s filming but hopefully, we’ll be bringing you some new pics soon.

The creators of the show, ABC have released this new trailer for the show which has a couple of new, never before seen clips in it.

Once Upon a Time - Season 3 - First Look at Tinker Bell

Once Upon a Time: Here’s Tinkerbell


Rose McIver will play the role of Tinkerbell in the third season of the hit ABC TV Show Once Upon a Time when it returns to our screens in less than a month.

The glamorous fairy will make her first appearance in episode three, Quite a Common Fairy. Accoding to Rose McIver, she will have a magic wand.

Once Upon a Time Logo

Once Upon a Time: Second season on Netflix


The second season of Once Upon a Time is now available to watch via online streaming service, Netflix.

You can now follow the continuing adventures of Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) and Henry (Jared Gilmore) through the service.

Almost Human

Almost Human Filming at Barcelona Ultra Lounge Next Week


Almost Human will be filming inside the Barcelona Ultra Lounge on Granville Street in Vancouver on Tuesday.

The show is police action drama set 35 years in the future and is brought to you by the masterminds behind Fringe: J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman. Not unlike Fringe, Almost Human focuses on an unlikely partnership.