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Once Upon a Time Premiere Script


Once Upon a Time is without a doubt one of the most popular TV Shows in North America right now, if not the world. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have hit the nail on the head with this show.

It appeals to all age groups and is the perfect family show for a Sunday evening. Season three will be on our screens in just over 60 days.

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Once Upon a Time: Rumple and Snow


Robert Carlyle and Ginnifer Goodwin strolled to the set location of Once Upon a Time on Friday in the beautifully warm sunshine. The trees afforded some shade on what was otherwise a really hot day.

They were both in their Fairytale Land costumes, so my guess is they were filming flashback scenes in the Enchanted Forest.

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Ginnifer Goodwin arrives to film scenes in the Enchanted Forest


Ginnifer Goodwin arrived at the trailers on Friday alone and not in her beloved Mercedes. She sat in her car for a few minutes before being greeted by a crew member.

Ginny was there to film scenes in the Enchanted Forest with Robert Carlyle and they were both dressed in their Fairytale costumes.

Once Wonderland

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Promotional posters


Wonderland, ABC’s spin off to their hit TV Show Once Upon a Time starts filming this week in Vancouver.

We’ve all read the posts and articles about the show and we’ve watched the panel from San Diego Comic Con, but we haven’t seen much in terms of promotional material.

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Once Upon a Time: Video from the Neverland set


I took a quick video of the Neverland set from Once Upon a Time’s filming at Robert Burnaby Park in Burnaby, British Columbia yesterday. There were no actors on the set, but chairs for Lana, Jennifer and Colin were all there.

I guess they were waiting for it to get darker before they started filming.