Once Upon a Time: Hook and Ariel


EXCLUSIVE pictures of Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Ariel (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) filming scenes behind the Gulf of Georgia Cannery in Steveston recently.

On what was a cold but sunny morning in the fictional town of Storybrooke, Colin and JoAnna filmed take after take of them having a conversation.


Supernatural: Newen Cafe


The crew of Supernatural are braving minus 4 degree centigrade temperatures, and that’s not including the wind-chill, right now in order to film scenes inside Newen Cafe on Ewen Avenue.

When I drove past in the car at around 6pm, they were still setting things up, so there was no cast to be seen. There was however a small group of die-hard fans already gathered on the corner of the street.


Robocop: Vancouver Convention Centre


Last year, the production team behind Robocop moved to Vancouver to film reshoots for the upcoming February released movie. This was to accommodate both Joel Kinnaman and Gary Oldman.

Both were already in Vancouver. Joel was here filming TV Show The Killing and Gary was here to film the sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Erik Knudsen & Rachel Nichols

Continuum: Season Three Teaser


Rachel Nichols and the rest of the cast of Showcase’s extremely popular TV Show Continuum have been busy filming the third season since November 2013.

They returned to film the remainder of the season yesterday in Vancouver. Showcase have released a teaser trailer for the upcoming third season for our pleasure.


Once Upon a Time: Lana Parrilla in Fort Langley


Back at the beginning of this month, Lana Parrilla was in Fort Langley filming scenes both inside and outside of the Fort Langley community hall. This doubles as Storybrooke Town hall in the popular ABC TV Show.

The temperature was in the minus but Lana still came out to say hello to the handful of fans who were there waiting to catch a glimpse of her.


Fifty Shades of Grey: Christian saves Ana from a bike accident


As you might be aware, Fifty Shades of Grey were filming a scene in Gastown, Vancouver this morning. It involved Christian (Jamie Dornan) rescuing Ana (Dakota Johnson) from being struck down by a bicycle.

The security on the set was pretty tight with crew members holding up screens and umbrellas to stop any pictures getting taken.


Fifty Shades of Grey: Jamie and Dakota filming in Gastown


After having to cancel the shoot in Gastown a couple of weeks ago due to bevy snow, Fifty Shades of Grey retuned to the location today to film the bicycle scene.

Today is their last day of shooting too before they break for Christmas hiatus, so you can imagine how much interest there was in the scene.


Once Upon a Time: Wicked is coming


Yesterday, I decided to have some fun with Photoshop. I did it for season three and Peter Pan, so why not do it for season three and The Wicked Witch of the West.

We know that Rebecca Mader will play the Witch, Elphaba in the upcoming second half of the third season. I decided to play on the original poster for the show where Regina, as the Evil Queen is looking at us over an apple.