Red Widow at Lana Lou’s

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Red Widow, an ABC TV Show about Marta Walraven (Radha Mitchell), a San Francisco mobster’s widow who has to take over as head of a crime syndicate after her husband is murdered, filmed in Lana Lou’s restaurant on Powell Street in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside yesterday (October 24, 2012).

I arrived as they were setting up the location and managed to see Luke Goss, Erin Cahill, Goran Visnjic and Rade Serbedzija arrive at the location. Rade immediately headed for the warmth of a nearby building while Luke Goss and Erin Cahill chatted outside for a few minutes. Goran arrived separately later.

Luke Goss and Erin Cahill

This is the first time that I have seen Luke Goss in person, having been aware of him since his boyband days back in the late 80s and early 90s. My sister was a huge fan of Bros. and it was pretty difficult to get away from their music.

Also present on the set was Goran Visnjic, dressed in a really smart suit, he walked down the street and had his picture taken at various locations before jumping into the back of a waiting shuttle.

Goran Visnjic

Rade who plays Andrei Lazarev in the show, finished his scenes before anybody else and headed back to the circus. He was sat in his car waiting to leave as we were leaving and moments later, passed us on Main St and waved at us. I think that Rade Serbedzija is an awesome actor and it was quite exciting for me to see him. Maybe next time I’ll get to say hello.

Rade Serbedzija

There was no sign of Radha Mitchell at the location, but just as I was leaving (two days in a row), Sterling Beaumon turned up, but I had put my camera away at that point unfortunately.

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