Sterling Beaumon visited Storybrooke yesterday

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Sterling Beaumon walked past me as I was leaving Steveston yesterday in a t-shirt. It was a really cold day, so he must have been freezing.

I was in Steveston because Once Upon a Time had filmed a single exterior scene before heading in to Mr. Gold’s to film interiors for the rest of the day.

I guess he was in Steveston to hang out with Jared Gilmore as he later tweeted that he was playing Nerf with him, Mig Macario and Alexia Fast.

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Sterling Beaumon
Sterling Beaumon

Currently, he is filming the role of Gabriel Walraven in the ABC TV Show, Red Widow which is also being filmed in Vancouver at the moment by the same Stage 49 company as Once Upon a Time. Previously he has played Young Ben in Lost, Seamus in the TV Show Clue and Max in the Disney movie Mostly Ghostly.

Once Upon a Time will airs on Sunday at 7pm on CTV in Canada.
Red Widow is an eight-episode series that will air sometime in 2013.

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