Storybrooke destruction

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We had visited Steveston on July 24 and seen Robert Carlyle and Lana Parrilla filming a scene outside Mr. Gold’s and knew that the cast and crew were going to be there on the following day for some more filming. Little did we know that on this day Storybrooke would be destroyed.
Storybrooke Destruction

When we arrived, we walked up to the set and were immediately confronted by Lana Parrilla (Evil Queen / Regina Mills) and Lee Arenberg
(Grumpy / Dreamy / Leroy) greeting fans and getting their pictures taken. Rick the security guy was on hand to keep order and take pictures for those who wanted to pose with the stars. Visiting Storybrooke is always fun, and when the stars take time out to talk with the fans, it makes it extra special.

Lana Parrilla

As we were walking around Steveston, we saw that the Storybrooke sign had a large hole in the middle and that there was a crater outside the Storybrooke Pet Shelter. Telegraph poles were lying on the ground, cars were overturned and there was even a boat in the middle of Moncton Street, which doubles as Main Street.

Storybrooke Destruction

Josh Dallas (David / Charming), Meghan Ory (Ruby / Red Riding Hood) and Sebastian Stan (Mad Hatter / Jefferson) were also on set filming a scene outside Granny’s Diner. Raphael Sbarge (Dr. Hopper / Jiminy) was also seen walking around. Earlier in the day, Josh Dallas was filmed chasing a hat down Main Street.

Sebastian Stan & Josh Dallas

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