Supernatural filming in New Westminster

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Supernatural were filming at a couple of locations in New Westminster yesterday.

The first location I spotted them in was Queens Park, but I soon realized that they were just parking their vehicles there and were actually filming elsewhere. The first location I found was on 2nd Street and 3rd Avenue, but they wrapped pretty quickly there. They then moved on to Agnes Street.

DJ Qualls & Jared Padalecki

They turned the Freemasons building on Agnes street into the Kearney Public Library for the filming of some scenes involving Jared Padalecki and DJ Qualls entering and exiting the building.

DJ Qualls plays the character of Garth Fitzgerald IV, he is also a hunter who generally works alone, but sometimes he teams up with Sam and Dean. I wasn’t expecting to see DJ Qualls on the set and it was a pleasant surprise to see him. I took a photograph of him after they had finished filming, but was told absolutely no photos during the filming.

DJ Qualls

I was on a public footpath, watching them and knew I had every right to take pictures, but decided against not listening to the crew so that I could stay on the sidewalk to watch. Don’t really want to annoy the crew as they’re just doing their jobs. It was a pretty quick turn around and they quickly broke for lunch at 2:30pm. Jared and DJ were whisked away in a waiting car before I could take any more pictures of the two of them together.

The Impala

Supernatural is filming in Queensborough, New Westminster today (September 11, 2012) and I’ve already been to the location to take some pictures and they’ll be up later. I’ll update this post with a link once it’s live.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Jared is a very talented actor.Doesn’t hurt that he’s beautiful too.I’m hoping season 8 will be a great one.

  2. Leon says:

    Oh yes he’s a fine man.

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