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godzilla comic con poster

Godzilla: Trailer leaked online


As most of you know, Godzilla filmed here earlier this year before moving to Hawaii. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson filmed extensive scenes here.

The Legendary pictures, Gareth Edwards directed movie looks huge from the trailer. It also confirms that there will be more than one monster in the film.

godzilla comic con poster

Godzilla: Comic Con news


Legendary pictures and Warner Bros. showed off their monster movie at Comic Con today and he’s one big monster.

The movie director, Gareth Edwards and some of the cast were in San Diego for the panel and revealed that the movie will open on May 16, 2014 in theatres.


Godzilla: Turning Part of Front Street in New West into Japan


I decided to go for a walk to Front Street in New West on Saturday to have a look at what Godzilla were up to. They’ve transformed the whol area into a part of Japan. Or so we’re led to believe.

The filming takes place today (Sunday 16 June 2013) with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Cranston. They’ve made a great job of transforming the area known as antique alley.


Godzilla: More BTS pictures


Godzilla were in Steveston for pretty much all of last week. They transformed Moncton Street in the village to an American village in San Francisco.

We were there to watch them film a scene of Aaron Taylor-Johnson jumping out of the back of an army troop carrier and took a mammoth amount of pictures and a video, which you can find below.


The Vancity Filming Podcast – Episode 4


The fourth instalment of the Vancity Filming Podcast is now available on iTunes. If you haven’t done so already, you should go subscribe now!

A huge thank you to Omari Netwon from Continuum for joining us on this episode. I know a lot of fans of the show have been looking forward to hearing it. Heck, even we loved hearing it.


Godzilla: Photos from Moncton Street


The filming of Godzilla took over Moncton Street yesterday in the quiet fishing village of Steveston. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Every production that comes to B.C. has to film there.

Of course I’m joking about every production having to film in Steveston, but it does seem that everything does film there.
Yesterday was no different and it was the turn of the Hollywood movie Godzilla.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Godzilla: Video of the scene from Steveston


Hollywood came to Steveston yesterday (and are there for pretty much the rest of the week) for the filming of the Godzilla reboot. It was a beautiful day in the quiet fishing village, but the place was teeming with US Army.

Of course, this was all part of the scene that they were filming. Aaron Taylor-Johnson was present in civilian clothing coming out the back of one of the troop carriers that was present there.