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Arrow: Stephen Amell shares his view


Arrow are today filming an island sequence way up in GVRD region, so there’ll be no set location pics from me.

Having said that, Stephen Amell does enjoy using social media to share things with us fans. Today, he’s posted a video of the location they’re in, and I have to say, it’s stunning. Nowhere quite like British Columbia for beauty.


Arrow: Oliver and Laurel visit [SPOILER]


On a beautifully sunny afternoon in Vancouver, the Arrow crew setup in a local park to film some very low key, quiet scenes with Stephen and Katie.

The hit CW TV Series was out on location for the first time since beginning to film the second season on July 10th.
This post does contain some SPOILER images, so if you don’t want to see them, stop reading.


Arrow: The remains of the Glades


Today was the first day that Arrow have been outside of the studio for the filming of the second season of the hit CW TV Show.

Firstly, Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance) and Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) filmed a scene together at a local park which was very touching, but more on that in another post.


Arrow: Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy kissing


Back in March I was at Coal Harbour on what was a very wet day watching Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy (as well as Susanna Thompson and Jamey Sheridan) film scenes for episode 21 of season one.

I’ve written about this scene before, but kept a few pictures back. Don’t want to post too many spoilers do we ;)
The big question at the time was why were they kissing?


Comic Con: Vancouver shows


San Diego Comic Con is taking place next week from July 18th to the 21st at the San Diego Convention Center and there are a whole host of exciting things to look forward to if you’re a fan of Vancouver filmed shows.

Here’s a look at what we can expect from the 2013 Con.

Colton Haynes

Arrow: Colton Haynes talks season 2


Series regular Colton Haynes talks about what’s coming up for the bad boy Roy Harper in this interview he did whilst attending the premiere of a new “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” musical recently.

“You’re going to see a lot of [DC] comic book character that people love coming into the world of Arrow,”


The Vancity Filming Podcast – Episode 8


The eighth instalment of the Vancity Filming Podcast is now available on iTunes. If you haven’t done so already, you should go subscribe now!

Our guest on the show this week is Richard Harmon. Richard can currently be seen as Julian Randall in the hit Showcase TV Show Continuum.

A very late podcast this week due to illness, but we finally managed to get it out to you guys.