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Michael Raymond-James

Once Upon a Time: The Neal is Peter Pan theory


So having watched ENTV’s “Spoiler Alert” video in which they say that they’ve spoken to both Adam and Edward about Neal’s character being Peter Pan.

What they revealed was that the theories about him that they’ve read so far are all incorrect.

Sonequa Martin-Green & Michael Raymond-James

Once Upon a Time: Who is Tamara?


The promo for the next episode of Once Upon a Time is available to view here and reveals some interesting things about Tamara.

With titles like Second Star to the Right and Straight On Til Morning it’s safe to say that we’ll be visiting Neverland in season three of the hit ABC TV Show.

Michael Raymond-James

Once Upon a Time: Is Neal Cassidy actually Baelfire AND Peter Pan?


Once Upon a Time is getting more complex by the week. Is young Henry’s father the son of Mr. Gold, Baelfire AND Peter Pan?

I think the signs point to it to be honest. The pictures I took of him wielding a sword in Storybrooke last month, and him saying that he’s spent time in other worlds before he came to this one.

Michael Raymond-James

Once Upon a Time: Michael Raymond-James with a sword


Back in January, Michael Raymond-James was in Storybrooke with Emma Swan. He was inside his fathers’ store in the sleepy town. But things weren’t going so well with both Cora and Regina outside using their magic to get in.

Michael Raymond-James has finally showed up in Steveston to the joy of many fans. I was there for pretty much the whole day watching my favourite TV Show getting made. It’s truly an honour to be allowed to stand so close to watch them work their magic.

Michael Raymond-James arrives for rehearsals

Once Upon a Time: Michael Raymond James arriving for rehearsals


Once Upon a Time cast member Michael Raymond-James arrives on set for the filming of the hit ABC TV Show.

I believe that these are the first pictures of Michael Raymond-James in the town of Storybrooke, Maine.

Once Upon a Time: Is Neal Cassidy Rumpelstiltskin’s son Bae?


Many people have been speculating as to whether Neal Cassidy, the father of Emma Swan’s son Henry, is also Rumpelstiltskin’s son.

Tyler James seems to think that he is. Tyler sent me a link on Twitter to this Tumblr post.

In the post, Tyler has spotted that Neal Cassidy is wearing a scarf that is very similar to the one that Bae used to wear as a child.