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Barbara Hershey

Once Upon a Time: The Queen is Dead promo


Mary Margaret pledges to keep The Dark One’s dagger away from Cora and Regina. Meanwhile, The Blue Fairy suggests an unorthodox spell to Snow White in order to save her ill fated mother, Queen Eva.

Take a look at the promo inside.

Michael Raymond-James

Once Upon a Time: Michael Raymond-James with a sword


Back in January, Michael Raymond-James was in Storybrooke with Emma Swan. He was inside his fathers’ store in the sleepy town. But things weren’t going so well with both Cora and Regina outside using their magic to get in.

Michael Raymond-James has finally showed up in Steveston to the joy of many fans. I was there for pretty much the whole day watching my favourite TV Show getting made. It’s truly an honour to be allowed to stand so close to watch them work their magic.

Barbara Hershey

Once Upon a Time: Barbara Hershey on set


These pictures of Barbara Hershey arriving on the set of Once Upon a Time have been a long time coming, but finally they’re here.

It’s not that I don’t want to post them, but if I post all the pictures at once, you might out on a few of the more special ones. Like Barbara Hershey for example. Words can’t describe how wonderful this lady is.

Barbara Hershey

Once Upon a Time: Cora gets a new look


Once Upon a Time have finally allowed Cora to shed that blue dress and wear modern clothing. But that’s not all that’s changed.

Whilst they were filming on Friday, Barbara Hershey appeared for rehearsals and for shooting impeccably dressed and looking awesome.