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Stephen Amell

Fan Expo Vancouver: Stephen Amell talks farting


Stephen Amell always has a funny story or two to tell. Not one to disappoint, he talks about an ongoing joke on set regarding farting and John Barrowman.

It appears that John Barrowman proudly proclaimed that his farts don’t smell on set once and Stephen Amell, quick as ever, told him to fart in his mouth and prove it.

John Barrowman

Arrow: We haven’t seen the last of the Dark Archer


The climax of the Arrow season one finale was a fight scene between The Green Arrow and The Dark Archer on the rooftop of Malcolm Merlyn’s building in Sterling City.

We saw Oliver Queen’s vigilante supposedly kill Malcolm Merlyn. But right at the end of the episode, Oliver told Tommy that he hadn’t killed his father. Some have stated that this was said to ease the pain of a dying friend.

John Barrowman

John Barrowman arrives to film more Dark Archer scenes for Arrow


John Barrowman flew in today on a Westjet flight direct from Palm Springs to film scenes for hit CW TV SHow Arrow.

JB arrived around 3pm and was taken direct to the studio from the airport. He was kind enough to sign some autographs before he got into an awaiting car.
Every time I’ve met John he’s been a great guy. Always takes his time to talk to you, but more importantly he seems to have an interest in what you’re saying. He is definitely a fun guy!