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Jennifer Morrison

Once Upon a Time: Hook and Emma


Whilst I was in downtown Vancouver this morning, I decided to go and pay a visit to the Once Upon a Time set.

They were filming a scene that involved Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) outside a New York police station.


Continuum: The Future is Now


The cast and crew of Continuum have nearly wrapped shooting their second season of the hit TV Show in Vancouver. They’re on episode eleven of thirteen right now.

Whilst I was downtown yesterday, I walked past a very interesting poster. The heading on the poster was “The Future is Now”.


Once Upon a Time: August Wayne Booth update


Back in November of last year, I posted about one of the crew members telling a bunch of us that were watching the filming in Steveston that Eion Bailey would not be returning to the show.

I guess he, and myself, were incorrect. Kevin, the set dresser can be a bit flamboyant at times, but I didn’t think that he would make up a story about a cast member not being liked by the others and not getting along.


It’s a wrap for Fringe


The Vancouver Film Studios were the location for the filming of the last ever scenes of season five of Fringe.

Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, John Noble, Jasika Nicole and Rowan Longworth were all present at the studios. Also present were a few other people, but I’ll not reveal who they were because I don’t want to post spoilers. I can reveal that Rowan Longworth’s character (The Child Observer) is named Michael.


Fringe: The Child Observer


A familiar face from the first season returns in last night’s episode “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There” in the form of a Child Observer.

Hidden away by Walter some twenty years prior in a pocket reality, the team go to find him, but the Child Observer is nowhere to be seen.


Arrow: Stephen Amell films reshoots


Stephen Amell was on location in DT Vancouver filming for the hit CW Network TV Show Arrow. Stephen Amell was dressed as Oliver Queen’s alter ego Arrow.

I was on set for most of the shoot and got some pretty good pictures of Stephen filming some running scenes.


Cult filming at Vancouver Art Gallery


Cult were at the Vancouver Art Gallery filming scenes of Cult.

Bear with me on this one, it’s a bit complicated. Cult is a TV show, within the TV Show Cult.
I’m slightly confused too. The show is called Cult, and there’s a show called Cult in it.