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Supernatural: Season eight gag reel


You’d think by eight seasons, the guys at Supernatural would have this acting business under control. But this season eight gag reel proves otherwise.

Obviously we are eternally grateful to Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and the rest of the cast for fluffing their lines and falling over. It gives us something watch and laugh along to.


Supernatural: Filming at the Polka Dot Boutique


I posted on Twitter last week that Supernatural would be in New Westminster filming today, and they were. Imagine that.

I arrived at the location around 8.15am and they were still setting up the scene. First a minibus full of background performers turned up, then Felicia Day (I think) and then Jensen Ackles.
Jensen immediatly went inside so I didn’t get many pictures of him, but Felicia went for a walk along the sidewalk.