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The Killing 4

The Killing: Season 4


The Killing’s third season wrapped filming here in Vancouver just last week with a last day in the studio.

Currently, as of writing this post we’re on episode six of the popular AMC drama which airs every Sunday night. Talk inevitably turn to “will we get another season?” whenever a show wraps filming. In the case of Continuum, we found out just before they wrapped filming the second season that a third was on the way.

The Killing

The Killing: Returning tonight


AMC’s The Killing returns to our screens tonight with it’s third season. A season many fans never thought we’d get to see since AMC decided to cancel the show.

But, thanks to a deal between AMC, Fox Television and Netflix, the show was resurrected much to the delight of the faithful followers of the show. We’ll once again get to see Stephen Holder and Sarah Linden team up to solve not one murder, but a series of murders by a serial killer.