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Fringe: Lance Reddick on set Monday


Lance Reddick filming scenes for episode twelve of the final season of Fringe at Harbour Green Park in Vancouver on Monday.

It was a bitterly cold morning in Vancouver Monday and all the crew were wrapped up in warm jackets and wooly hats. But not Lance, he had the smallest of hats on that barely covered his head.

Joshua Jackson

Fringe filming under the Burrard Bridge


Fringe were filming yesterday under the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver, and we were there to capture some pictures. The cast and crew of Fringe were all really, really friendly. We got to go on set and meet Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop).

Arriving at around 4.45pm we caught the end of rehearsals, and were treated to a prime view of the shooting. At first, we kept our usual respectful distance from the filming so as not to disturb anything, but a member of the crew invited us closer to the filming.