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Michael Raymond-James

Once Upon a Time: Is Neal Cassidy actually Baelfire AND Peter Pan?


Once Upon a Time is getting more complex by the week. Is young Henry’s father the son of Mr. Gold, Baelfire AND Peter Pan?

I think the signs point to it to be honest. The pictures I took of him wielding a sword in Storybrooke last month, and him saying that he’s spent time in other worlds before he came to this one.

Barbara Hershey

Once Upon a Time: The Queen is Dead promo


Mary Margaret pledges to keep The Dark One’s dagger away from Cora and Regina. Meanwhile, The Blue Fairy suggests an unorthodox spell to Snow White in order to save her ill fated mother, Queen Eva.

Take a look at the promo inside.

Michael Raymond-James arrives for rehearsals

Once Upon a Time: Michael Raymond James arriving for rehearsals


Once Upon a Time cast member Michael Raymond-James arrives on set for the filming of the hit ABC TV Show.

I believe that these are the first pictures of Michael Raymond-James in the town of Storybrooke, Maine.

Once Upon a Time: Is Neal Cassidy Rumpelstiltskin’s son Bae?


Many people have been speculating as to whether Neal Cassidy, the father of Emma Swan’s son Henry, is also Rumpelstiltskin’s son.

Tyler James seems to think that he is. Tyler sent me a link on Twitter to this Tumblr post.

In the post, Tyler has spotted that Neal Cassidy is wearing a scarf that is very similar to the one that Bae used to wear as a child.

Once Upon a Time's Michael Raymond-James has a Twitter Q&A


Once Upon a Time’s Michael Raymond-James decided to hold a Q&A session with his fans on Twitter today, and revealed some very interesting things.

In a session that lasted about an hour, Michael answered all sorts of questions from fans all over the world. Once Upon a Time questions included, so I’ve compiled a few of them here.

Once Upon a Time: August Wayne Booth


Whilst I was on the set yesterday, a member of the crew got talking to a group of us and told us that “We might not get to see August Wayne Booth again”. They were done with him. Apparently Eion Bailey didn’t gel well with the rest of the cast when they were on locations.

He is such a fan favourite that killing him off would, judging by the reaction to my tweet this morning, be a seriously bad mistake.