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Stephen Amell

Fan Expo Vancouver: Stephen Amell talks farting


Stephen Amell always has a funny story or two to tell. Not one to disappoint, he talks about an ongoing joke on set regarding farting and John Barrowman.

It appears that John Barrowman proudly proclaimed that his farts don’t smell on set once and Stephen Amell, quick as ever, told him to fart in his mouth and prove it.

Glades Betrayed

Arrow: Glades Betrayed website


The Glades is our home, and we have all been BETRAYED. These people have committed crimes against US – they need to answer for these crimes. They need to be PUNISHED. The officials of this city may have let you down, but I won’t. Starling City needs a SAVIOR.

That is the message on the website for The Savior, Starling city’s newest vigilante.


Arrow: Stephen Amell films reshoots


Stephen Amell was on location in DT Vancouver filming for the hit CW Network TV Show Arrow. Stephen Amell was dressed as Oliver Queen’s alter ego Arrow.

I was on set for most of the shoot and got some pretty good pictures of Stephen filming some running scenes.


Arrow: Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy


Arrow stars Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy filming a scene recently in Burnaby, BC for the hit CW TV Show.

Stephen and Katie were kind enough to give up some of their time to come over and say hi to a few young fans who had been patiently waiting in the rain to meet the stars.

motorcycled assassin

Arrow: Moira Queen assassination attempt


Arrow filmed a scene in Downtown Vancouver yesterday that involved Stephen Amell chasing a motorcycled assassin who tried to shoot Moira Queen outside of the Queen Consolidated building.

The scene involved Stephen Amell waving to his mother as she exited the Queen Consolidated building and then noticing a gunman on a motorcycle driving by and taking out a gun.