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Once Upon a Time: The Blue Fairy on the Dock


There’s not enough Once Upon a Time filming in Steveston these days. Hopefully that will change when we get to the double figure episodes of this third season.

But never fear, we took a lot of pictures when they were there on September 17th that should keep you happy until we get some more.

Emilie De Ravin

Once Upon a Time: Emilie De Ravin at Steveston Docks


A week ago today, Once Upon a Time returned to Steveston for the first time to film scenes for the third season of the hit ABC TV Show.

We’ve already released a few pictures of Emilie whilst she was at Garry Point, but here are some pictures of her at Steveston Dock. It was pretty hard to tell what was going on, as we weren’t allowed further than the dock entrance.

Raphael Sbarge

Once Upon a Time: Raphael Sbarge on the docks


As you know by now, Once Upon a Time were back in Steveston filming a couple of days ago. This was the first day that they’d been back in Storybrooke filming for the third season.

After they’d finished the scenes on the beach, the crew broke for lunch and returned an hour later to film scenes on Steveston Dock. The same location that they’d filmed scenes for the Jolly Roger gang leaving for Neverland.

Lana Parrilla

Once Upon a Time: Lana Parrilla in 1983 Storybrooke


As you’ve probably heard by now, Once Upon a Time are filming a flashback episode set in 1983 entitled “Welcome to Storybrooke” in the town of Steveston.

Lana Parrilla (or Mr. Gold for that matter) has obviously been a stylish dresser for some time because it doesn’t seem that they’ve ever been out of fashion. I was around in the 80’s and this wasn’t the style I remember.


Once Upon a Time: Unreleased photos – Day 1


Once Upon a Time will be back on our screens in 5 days. To count down to this we are going to be posting unreleased pictures from the set over the next few days.

I decided to give you some pictures of episode 1 of Season 2 today. It was a really hot day in Steveston whilst they were filming and I felt for the actors who all had to wear their winter clothing.

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Storybrooke reunion


Steveston was busy representing Storybrooke, Maine for the filming of Once Upon a Time’s first episode of the second season. The majority of the cast were present.

Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Meghan Ory, Jared Gilmore, Raphael Sbarge, the seven dwarfs and Beverely Elliott were all on set. Even Dr. Whale got in on the action.