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GIVEAWAY: Swan Queen Spiral Notebook


We haven’t done a give away for a while have we… so I guess it’s about time we did.

Once Upon a Time’s fourth season came to an end recently and we’re all feeling the gap left in our lives whilst we await season five to begin.

Swan Queen iPad case

Once Upon a Time: Emma Swan and Regina


I was in Fort Langley today, and one of the first things I saw was this scene between Emma Swan and Regina Mills.

Emma was running toward Regina and then she stops to have a conversation with her. They then disappear into the Town Hall.

Once Upon a Time Logo

Once Upon a Time: Swan Queen


I know that there are many, many fans of Swan Queen out there and that there aren’t enough pictures of the pair of them together.

Today on the set, it was pretty difficult to catch them both together. But fear not, we did manage to do it. And here’s the proof for your viewing pleasure.

Once Upon a Time - Evil Regal - Purple

Once Upon a Time: Evil Regal clothing


The Queen that everyone loves to hate, and probably hate to love is The Evil Queen. Played perfectly in the hit ABC TV Show by Lana Parrilla.

There is no question that everyone loves her portrayal of Regina Mills on Once Upon a Time, myself included.
I decided that, following the Team 7 shirts I posted a couple of days ago that I would make some Evil Regal ones.