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Supernatural: Season 9


Sam survives! Which isn’t really a spoiler or a surprise, but it’s good to know. Season nine of the hit CW TV Show will return to our screen on Tuesday, October 8th.

Why Sam survives is a secret that the elder Winchester will hold on to, and one which may cause a rift between the brothers. “You’re going to find Dean, in the beginning of this season, in a slightly different position.”

The Impala

Supernatural: Season nine speculation about Sam


Season nine of Supernatural will begin filming pretty soon and our friends over at Spoiler TV have written a great article on Sam Winchester.

Season 8 ended quite badly for Sam Winchester, leaving him in a precarious state.
We don’t exactly know how the outcome of the trials has affected Sam’s mental and physical health, but it’s important to think about it in terms of kick-starting season 9.